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Ronald Corker attends Community College of Philadelphia and plans to pursue his MBA after earning a bachelor’s degree. His passions include business, mountain biking, home construction, automobiles and entertainment. He views writing as an awesome and enlightening opportunity to share his interests with readers.

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My Writing Samples

Coworkers, Friends and Triumphs: Life as a Promo Model In Philadelphia

A blog post about the Philadelphia experiential marketing community.


Why Can’t I Find a Mate? Dating in the Modern World

A look at why so hard to find a mate in a world that's more connected than ever before.


Is Football Season Causing You Unneeded Stress? You May Need a Break From Your Favorite Pastime

An overview of how football fandom can lead to undue stress.


6 Healthy Habits Worth Promoting in the Workplace

Today’s hardworking employees face health threats that can range from contracting carpal tunnel syndrome to experiencing weight gain. The Mayo Clinic warns that office workers who perform minimal physical activities are at heightened risk for contracting various conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even cancer. However, administrative workers can avoid these outcomes by taking precautions to offset the effects of sedentary work. To encourage employee wellness, enterprise


Employee or Contractor? Getting It Right in the Current Environment

Independent contractors fulfill varying roles, and there’s a lot of grey area when it comes to differentiating between contractors and employees. Delineating the difference between the two classifications can sometimes prove difficult. However, common law principles, Fair Labor Standards and various court decisions establish guidelines for understanding the difference. Additionally, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and some states have adapted various rulings as a framework for testing the sta


Social Media for Today's Businesses

Social media platforms have experienced explosive growth, catapulting from a 5-percent to 69-percent daily usage rate among American adults. In the U.S., seven out of ten consumers use social media to connect with friends and family members, access news feeds and share digital content. While it was originally a playground for young adults, more older Americans are starting to use the technology, and as social media usage continues to expand, the digital landscape grows more representative of the


Employee Development: 5 Killer Ways to Break The Glass Ceiling

Diversity and inclusion are top priorities for today’s enterprises. By understanding how today's newest wave of professionals think about diversity, enterprise leaders can make their firms look more attractive to potential recruits. In the modern workplace, Millennial males are seemingly unlikely allies for promoting inclusiveness. However, a study conducted by Boston Global Management (BCG) reveals that the viewpoints of young male professionals closely aligns with that of women. Because they t


Hitting the Mark With Today's Best Investment Clients: Cultivating New Business in the Current Clima

An elite group of financial consultants represent the top 5-percent of finance practitioners who earned $1 million for each of the last three years. These industry leaders display more extensive capabilities than their peers, especially regarding outstanding alternative investments. Some wealthy speculators are more comfortable with traditional investment options, while others prefer a wider range of opportunities. This breed of investor expects the broker to source and deliver a broad range o


5 Secrets to Help Business Leaders Satisfy and Retain Employees in 2018

In today's tumultuous career environment, employee satisfaction and retention should be at the top of every enterprise's agenda. Creating effective strategies to decrease turnover and finding talented staff members is one of executive leadership's most crucial responsibilities. To develop a successful employee acquisition and retention strategy, business leaders must think about the job from a worker’s point of view. Every employee has unique goals and desires. Still, it's safe to assume that


6 Socially Conscience United States Enterprises

There are many reasons why there's a growing number of socially responsible businesses in the United States. One reason is the mindset of up and coming generations of new workers. For example, among Millennial's, who represent a large segment of the current workforce, social responsibility is extremely important. In the business environment, they promote social responsibility as consumers and employees. Generation Z is also a group of socially conscious workers. As this generation's buying power


Innovative 5G Technology Promises to Boost Profitability

Analysts forecast that 5G technology will provide a $12 billion boost for mobile commerce over the next 3 years. This is, of course, if the 5G rollout moves ahead at some point. Meanwhile, auto manufacturers and tech firms are collaborating to shape a future where individual auto ownership succumbs to ride-hailing services. 5G technology also promises to deliver a future of self-driving vehicles and create a society in which people work more with their minds than their hands. This development w


Companies Are Investing in Employees to Enhance Long-Term Profitability

Many of today's employees are unsatisfied with their careers. Gallup’s “State of the Global Workplace” survey, for instance, revealed that many employees around the world are unhappy with their work. In fact, the poll revealed that 85-percent of workers are dissatisfied with their jobs. Globally, dissatisfied workers contribute to nearly $7 trillion in productivity losses annually. Furthermore, employee turnover can cost enterprises twice the amount of each exiting worker’s base salary. Additio


Can Blockchain Drive Growth In The Transportation Industry?

In early 2018, the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) announced its cooperation with ten major industry leaders. The revelation adds to the rapidly evolving and intriguing cryptocurrency story. Last year the combined value of all cryptocurrencies rose to nearly $600 billion. This was an almost 3, 500-percent gain for the year, and overall, this was the largest historical gain among any asset class.


Forget About Loans: Ramp up Your New Venture With an ICO

In a record-breaking fundraising round, a new blockchain startup raised $4 billion without so much as an existing product. The effort was the largest initial investment offering of 2018 and raked in more than twice the largest pre-existing offering of that type. The venture, Block.one, raised capital for a blockchain framework called eos.ios using an initial coin offering (ICO). The startup doesn’t plan to launch its product until June 01, 2019, and investors have no idea how the company plans


Cryptocurrency Is Still Going Strong

In the last month of 2017, headlines that read “Asians' Going Mad' For Ripple Coin” dotted news publications around the world. Ripple (XRP), a relatively new cryptocurrency, has grown from an unknown digital finance entrant to running right on the heels of market front-runner bitcoin in trade volume. At that time, Ripple was worth one American dollar, but as of November 2018, it’s worth less than $0.50.


5 Trends for Promoting Worker Satisfaction

Technology is on the mind of many of today’s human resource leaders. In a rapidly transforming workplace, they want to know how to find skilled talent as well as engage and satisfy existing employees. To do this, many of them are leveraging technology. The role of human resource executives is changing as well. Overall, the way that HR leaders discover, recruit and develop talent has shifted over the last decade. While the ability to connect with staff members will always be the strong suit o


How to Maximize Big Data Results

The world’s information systems started generating 2.5 exabytes of data every day roughly a decade ago. Since then, that number has grown. Today, big data is growing increasingly important for enterprises. As the field matures, business leaders are looking for more effective ways to manage their information assets. SKIPAds by Hooly The ideal return on a big data project is $3.50 for every dollar invested into an initiative. However, many information projects yield a mere .50 cent return for ea


7 Cryptocurrency Cybersecurity Facts for Enterprise Leaders Read more at https://www.business2commun

Amid the curiosity and hype surrounding cryptocurrency, cybersecurity is growing in importance as the financial instrument gains considerable traction. The interest surrounding the resource has catapulted it – and its underlying technology called blockchain – into the spotlight. Worldwide, there are more than 100 cryptocurrency exchanges that trade more than $9 billion daily. Resultingly, leading financial data firms such as Bloomberg and Reuters now track and publish cryptocurrency values for i


STEM Matters Educational Building Blocks for Future Generations

Over the last decade, STEM advancement for kindergarten through twelfth grade students has been a hot topic among education advocates and institutional leaders. However, participants in a recent Pew Research poll feel that United States educators have achieved mediocre results in teaching K-12 students in STEM competencies. The problem, cite the survey participants, may lie in parent and student interest, but more importantly, in the teaching style of current educators.


5 Ways Psychology Can Help Small Business Owners Better Business Through Science

When most people think about starting a business, psychology doesn't normally come to mind. Most business owners get started knowing nothing about psychology, and many of them do well. However, learning more about psychology can have some surprising benefits for business owners—benefits that can sometimes make it worth taking a few psychology courses, or even going back to school for a psychology degree. Here are 5 compelling ways learning about psychology can help small business owners.


The Gift That Keeps On Giving Financial Literacy for Kids

Financial literacy encompasses the knowledge and skills required to make sound monetary decisions. The skill is so important that educators now advocate for finance training in regular school curricula. Still, parents remain the primary individuals responsible for teaching their children fiscal responsibility. This can create a problem, however, as some parents mistakenly believe that their own financial success is proportionate to their ability to teach their children about money.


How Nurses Can Help To Improve Community Behavioral Health Outcomes

The United States has suffered from a shortage of primary behavioral healthcare providers for years. Despite this, an escalating number of mass murders and suicides are highlighting the dire need for more mental health practitioners. Relatively recently, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has provided many Americans with access to behavioral health services. Simultaneously, the demand for treatment in this field is growing among the population. However, the mental health practitioner shortage, in a


Are Nurses The Answer For Improved Behavioral Health Outcomes?

The United States is in the throes of a severe behavioral health practitioner shortage. Furthermore, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) forecasts a shortfall of more than 45,000 to 90,000 practitioners by the year 2025. Advanced practice nurses (APNs) earn either a master's or doctoral degree. They can work in many disciplines and perform many of the same tasks as primary care physicians.


Stepping Into The C-Suite An Executive's Starter Guide

B-school is a full-time pursuit in building a strong foundation in the field of commerce. Still, advanced degree business students should diversify their mix of academic, collegiate and career building activities. It's impossible to make a full commitment to all three of these areas. Therefore, students must prioritize their goals appropriately and realistically. Even with real-world career experience, it's not possible to establish and achieve exceptional performance in all three areas. Result



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I craft high-quality, current content about business, education, healthcare and technology.

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I worked there from 2/2017 until now

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Penned a high volume of automotive product descriptions for Turn5 Incorporated.

Company: EnableVue, LLC

I worked there from 10/2017 until 2/2018

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