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About Me

I've been working in the field of transcribing and close captioning for four-and-a-half years. I also have experience in proofreading, editing, and creative fiction writing. 

I am a stage actor as well and have a great interest in the world of live theatre. 

Other interests include animals, Shakespeare, Poe, classic literature in general, entomology,  history, genealogy, and of course, reading. 

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My Writing Samples

Our Friends, the Honeybees

Honeybees are crucial to the world we live in. How their colonies operate, and why they are so important, is discussed here.


Poe's Puzzle

Edgar Allan Poe wrote a poem with another poet's name hidden within it. This is how you find it.


Much Ado About Characters

A look at some of Shakespeare's more well-known characters.


Oh, the Villainy! A Look At Disney Renaissance Villains

Studying the villains of Disney films spanning the years 1988-1999.


The Ladies of War

During WWII, there were five boats known collectively as the Lady Liners. This is their story.


Where Have All the Bookstores Gone?

Very few choices remain anymore when it comes to physical, brick-and-mortar bookstores.



Transcriber/Close Captioning

I transcribe audio files and do close captioning for commercials, tv shows, and video clips.

Company: Rev

I worked there from 9/2015 until now

ESL Instructor

I instructed adult students in English As A Second Language. I created lesson plans, learning exercises, and helped students prepare for situations such as job interviews and citizenship tests.

Company: South Bay Literacy Council

I worked there from 11/2013 until 10/2015


This bookstore sold exclusively science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, paranormal romance, and young adult books. I helped organize and schedule author book signings, wrote monthly book reviews, posted about special events via social media, helped customers find books that fit their interests, and did inventory.

Company: Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore

I worked there from 9/2011 until 6/2014

Newsletter Editor

I created the monthly newsletter for my local DAR chapter. Board members sent me their newsletter articles and I would proofread their articles and put them into the newsletter, and email the newsletter out to all members of the Chapter.

Company: Daughters of the American Revolution

I worked there from 2/2013 until 6/2015

Book Reviewer

They would send me non-fiction, mostly health-related digital books. I analyzed the content of the book and formed summaries to provide helpful book reviews for customers. I followed specific guidelines and completed the reviews within tight deadlines. These reviews were then posted on book-related websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Company: White Nile Book Reviews

I worked there from 12/2012 until 3/2013


I coordinated special events and book launches, did inventory, and provided customers with information on certain books.

Company: Borders Express

I worked there from 9/2007 until 6/2008

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