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UX Writer - Content Manager - Freelance Copywriter - Tech Blogger - Travel Blogger - Content Strategist Inst: pau2288

About Me

I'm a UX writer. Not only I'm focused on UX, but also I have several years of experience working with software or tech companies. This means I can translate your technical language into a more colloquial one that everyone understands. In this way, you can easily share your know-how, while generating b2b leads or providing value to developers, attracting new top-notch talent.

I can help your tech company with:

- UX content flows for your website
- Copywriting for social media
- Blog writing
- Content strategy
- Editing your developers content
- Email marketing

I love traveling. I'm a digital nomad, so writing content about my trips is something that really thrills me. It's another field I'm used to working for.

I've also written content for several other industries such as insurances, real estate, consumer products, etc. More --> https://paulabecchetti.com.ar/

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My Writing Samples

Improving the UX of State Services

While more and more companies are beginning to understand the importance of designing based on the user experience, the public sector lags behind. That’s a source of concern for two reasons. One is that the digital services provided by the state administration are essential for users: citizens don’t have a choice nor alternatives to those services. The other is that our tax money goes to the state budget, which should return to us in the form of effective and friendly channels of interaction.


MWC: A Congress Unlike Anything We Have Seen

This was the first Mobile World Congress Javier Brugues, one of intive-FDV’s partners, attended to. He told us that the congress was so big that couldn’t be compared to anything we’ve seen in Argentina. “They know what they’re doing,” he said about Barcelona’s urban design. Nevertheless, the city couldn’t prevent subway workers from going on strike during that week.


What is Human Centered Design?

People will embrace your ideas when you design from their perspective. That’s what Human Centered Design pursuits. Also referred to as “participatory design”, this kind of approach focus on final users needs, behaviors, feelings, thinking and emotions, placing them just right in the center of the Design process.


CES and our top 10 mind-blowing devices

CES 2019 wrapped up a few weeks ago with, as always, some mind-blowing gadgets. It came to our knowledge that there was a little commotion related to a gender-gap matter, but case aside, this year brought us at least 4 out of 9 speakers that were women (great improvement compared to last year with zero feminine speakers). This proves someone is paying attention to the gender inclusion pursuit and working in order to fill in the gap.


The UX Debt: When an Application Is in Debt to its Users

In the world of software development, the “technical debt” concept is well known: the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer.


Our experience at Sitecore Symposium

User experience is at the core of the Sitecore platform. As Maru explained, “The customer’s needs are connected and addressed by the platform’s various tools for e-commerce, e-mail marketing, automation, web content optimization, etc.” That was why we decided to take part in this event, which took place in Orlando in October.


Boosting the Courage of Women Developers

Signs with the phrase “Be bold” could be seen during the Grace Hopper Celebration. It was the second conference Lu Capón attended to, and there was a marked difference with the previous one. This time, women encouraged each other. “Speak out” incited some art interventions. Women developers don’t always have the courage to speak for themselves nor make themselves heard in the world we live in today. That’s why this year the concept of “the impostor syndrome” was discussed again and again.


Flutter, Google’s new bet

Flutter, a new framework for crafting native apps for iOS and Android by Google, boasts design, animation and performance. When the first meetup for this software development kit (SDK) was announced in Argentina, several members of our Android and iOS teams registered immediately. Mauricio, Marina and Diego participated in the event and told us all about it.


A meetup of Phyton enthusiasts

Founded by nine partners, today the Argentina Python Association (PyAr) seeks to make its community known to a wider audience. Federalism is part of their spirit. For that reason, they came to our former offices in Belgrano Av. (spoiler alert! We have moved!) to explain how their organization works, what are the grants and training discounts they offer, and the events they are planning forward.


How can we maintain our culture when we are growing (a lot)

So far this year, we have experienced a 40% increase in staff, which prompted us to take the next step and (joyfully) move to new offices. Our projections estimate a further 50% increase by the end of the year, something that makes us very proud and poses a few challenges too. One of the biggest challenges for any company is to keep and improve the organizational culture as they grow, especially with such an exponential jump.


Bonding at Google I/O

It was Maru’s first time in the States. Part of the Marketing Team at intive-FDV, she arrived at Silicon Valley with a destination in mind: the Google I/O event. But she attended more than just an event: it looked like a festival. As she told us about her experience there, she couldn’t stop smiling and feeling amazed.


Books every dev should read

In intive-FDV there are many literature fans, so many, that there is a #literary channel in Slack where we share our favorite authors and titles. Some of us even attend reading workshops and interchange all we have read. But, generally speaking, both those who are passionate about this pleasure as well as those who are not that much, all know that learning is vital, to never stop learning.


Embracing the challenges of chatbots

Chatbots are meant to solve a wide variety of needs through artificial messaging, without a human’s help. People nowadays can perform simple tasks, be served or notified about different subjects from anywhere and at any time. According to a business strategy, messaging apps (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Skype, and more) can be programmed to receive a human input and respond to it with different kinds of automated actions. Among the uses given to chatbots, we can find several.


Software and user consent

Which is the limit between software that doesn’t ask for consent and malware or spyware? When you interact with users or with their data without asking for permissions, you are making a mistake. Even if you aim for good, you’ll be creating loopholes, possibilities for others that might not have as good intentions as yours. Attempts for harassment, annoyment, or private data violations will find a nice fertile ground on your app if you don’t mind consent.


Marketing Strategy Guidelines for Mobile Apps

When you define the process of creating an app, you usually have two steps in mind: “Design” and “Coding”. But at intive-FDV, we know that you’re missing a crucial and inevitable step if you want your app to be successful: “Launching”.



UX Writer - Content Manager

Clients - intive-FDV (http://blog.intive-fdv.com/) - Youmarket (http://www.youmarket.com.ar/) - QKapital (https://qkapital.com/en/home/) - Debmedia (http://www.debmedia.com/) - Cocoon (http://www.cocoonmedical.com/) - CREA Interactive for Ferrero Rocher Argentina (facebook.com/FerreroRocherArgentina) - BeFun for FEMSA, ABSA Group, IAE and Amadeus. - Volalá Travel (https://www.volala.com.ar/) - La Equitativa Insurances (https://www.laequitativa.com.ar/)

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