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Project Manager with significant experience in many industries and successful projects

About Me

I'm an experienced freelance writer who has worked for a multitude of different companies in many different industries. 

What has contrinbuted to my success is my business acumen and experience - I've worked as a Project Manager and Operations Director for companies such as KPMG and Raytheon. 

I've worked with non-profit orgs, online entertainment websites, sports education and many more. 

This has enabled me to write with confidence and create professional pieces of content that covers exactly what a customer requires in a very timely manner. 

I enjoy writing and researching . You can be assured that if I'm writing for you, you will recieve a quality service with a quality piece of work for you to use that will satisfy your requirements in every way.

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My Writing Samples

Why Invest in Equities?

An in depth look at investing in equities. This article aims to provide the reader with the relevant knowledge and research into investment practices when thinking about investment opportunities.


The 'Alice Paradox' - The Future of Business Decision Making

Business decision making has been labeled as 'stale' and 'predictable' for many years now. This article atempts to show how different types and methods of making decisions can lead to more effective business practices and add further value to company practice and success.


'Enemy' - A Masterclass in Ambiguity

The film 'Enemy' has polarised the public viewing audience. Much like modern art, you can examine it from many different angles and come up with different conclusions as to what a scene means. This article examines how ambiguity is used to create this effect and why it is a masterclass of a film.



Project Manager

PM working with RAF and UK Government on the continued success of the Sentinel Program. - PM on the Sentinel R1 Aircraft for the ASTOR (Airborne Stand-Off Radar)/ISSS program for the RAF. - Significant roles working in many areas as a PM such as contract award, contract closure, understanding/managing scope of work and managing Level of Effort for different deliverables and requirements. - High level of experience in government contracts and the systems used to provide an excellent level of se

Company: Raytheon

I worked there from 7/2015 until 11/2017

Project Manager

Working with the KPMG Crimsonwing team to provide CRM and ERP support for major businesses. - Significant impact in project controls, coordination and provided a systemic overhaul to managing burn down costs against budget for multiple projects. - Significant accountability within project structure, working with major companies such as BWM and Met Police. Accountable for budget controls.

Company: KPMG

I worked there from 11/2017 until 3/2018

Project Manager

Further work on delivering as lead PM on MS Dynamics CRM Products –focusing on membership, financial management and all capacities of CRM. - Coordinating go-live for Customers to upgrade legacy system to their new bespoke SB CRM product utilising D365 and fulfil their requirements. - Manging key stakeholders and functions – utilising a breadth of engagement across countries and consulting other PMs in their delivery approach. - Communications lead between business, clients and project stakeho

Company: Silverbear

I worked there from 5/2018 until 12/2018

Marketing, Communications and Content Developer

Operations coordinator for the promotion, development and execution of the International Uganda Marathon 2015 (UGM) - Communicated F2F with major organisations such as CHEDRA and NGOs for UGM 2015. - Helped to develop local businesses and communities through the promotion and execution of fundraising activities in partnership with local communities and international NGO’s. - Part of the UK-based managerial team for the execution of the marathon itself in 2015, including areas of logistics, pla

Company: Shauku Foundation

I worked there from / until now

Marketing and Digital Content Manager

Continued support for managing digital content for website growth and adding to research and blog posts.

Company: Opportuna

I worked there from / until now

Content I Write