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About Me

I decided to become a writer when I discovered around 10 years of age I could make people laugh or cry with my homemade greeting cards. I was an English major in college, which proved to impress no one in the real world. Immediately after college, I relocated to San Francisco from Ohio. I worked as a newspaper reporter for a small weekly in the San Francisco Bay Area for a couple of years, filled in the income blanks over the next few years working as a street artist, an imported perfume specialist, and lots of bartender and waitress jobs. I then successfully owned and operated a brick-and-mortar resume/business writing service for over 20 years. Desperate for a change, I closed the business and have been freelancing ever since.

Cooking, baking and learning new techniques and recipes on the Food Network are my favorite pastimes – except during the NFL season. Every game and team are important as I compete in football pools with friends and strangers, often times quite successfully. Netflix and Amazon Prime keep me entertained in the off-season, and home brunch and dinner parties keep me connected and informed as we all discuss our very diverse views of life, love, politics and society.

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My Writing Samples

Munching and Mourning: The Best Funeral Food

Humorous, practical advice


6 Myths About Protein You Need to Know

Need-to-know health news (Correct byline at end of article)


How to Cook a Leg of Lamb

How to/recipes


What Is Prosciutto?

In-depth ingredient description


There's Food In Your Drink; Exploring The Culinary Cocktail Trend

Trends in cocktails


Tequila+Pork=Awesome: A Guide to Pairing Food and Liquor

Food/liquor pairing


Wheat Isn't the Reason Why You Can't Stop Farting

Informed commentary


SkyPods: Taking You To New Heights (and Across Town)

Fly like a bird (almost) in skypods


Historic New England Charm Transported from Centuries-Old Mills to Cozy Apartments

Historic New England mills evolve as homey apartments


Hide and Sink: Leopold Banchini Design Conceals Rooms and Objects Under Office Floors

Underground office space cleverly utilized


Through the Looking Glass: China Unveils the World’s Largest Glass Bridge

Glass bridge stuns and mesmerizes


Prefab Homes For Every Budget and Lifestyle

Prefab homes make a comeback

https://dornob.com/prefab-homes-for-every-budget-and-lifestyle/ Home-in-a-box:

Award-Winning Skyscraper Design Collapses for Easy Transportation to Disaster Zones

Transportable building eases chaos during disasters


Snøhetta Explores the Final Frontier with Stunning Planetarium and Interstellar Cabins in Norwegian

Space: the final frontier up close


Dearly Departed Get the Best Possible Goodbye in HofmanDujardin’s Upscale Funeral Home

Unique funeral home celebrates life and illuminates that parting is such sweet sorrow


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Stimulating Ideas for Every Taste

2019 offers a multitude of design trends to satisfy your creative needs


Yub Nub! Kenneth Cobonpue Reveals New Star Wars-Inspired Furniture Collection

Star Wars-motivated furniture assortment


No Waste, No Tools, No Problem: This Flat-Pack Furniture Has an Answer for Everything

Assemble flat-pack furniture collection with no tools


Atelier About Architecture Design Entire Floor for Disabled Dog

Disabled dog has a whole floor designed to make his life easier


Historic Shanghai Building Transformed into Bookstore Outlining the Human Psyche

Human psyche guides design of bookstore


Movie Scenes Inspire Stelios Mousarris’ Folded Cityscape Tables

Cityscape tables reflect movie scenes


New Concept for the World’s Largest Wind Farm

Massive wind farm could significantly ease energy problem


How Technology is Helping Endangered Species Prevent Their Own Extinction

Endangered species protect themselves


Edible Plastic Could Change Pollution as We Know It

Edible plastic may drastically reduce pollution


Scandinavian Townhouse Makes Eco-Friendly Design Choices Easy

Living clean has never been easier


Get Pumped Up at Reebok’s New Gas Stations Turned Fitness Centers

Transforming old gas stations into healthy fitness centers


Fossils Fuel Campaign to Tear Down Amin Taha’s Prize-Winning Apartment Building

Building façade ruffles feathers


Oskar Zieta’s Inflated Steel Sculpture Could Revolutionize Construction Technology

Recyclable steel rocks construction world


AI-Driven “Clever Buoy” Spots Sharks Before They Spot You

AI controlled buoy keeps sharks at bay


Brain Robotics Unveils Affordable Prosthetic Limbs at CES 2019

Groundbreaking prosthetics at affordable prices


Paralyzed People Operate Robotic Waiters in Futuristic Japanese Café

Robot waiters operated by paralyzed humans


No More Excuses: Salad Vending Machines Make Healthy Eating Easy

Feed your money into a slot, press a few buttons, and fresh salad is yours in minutes


Wired Wallpaper Could Replace Fire Alarms

Wallpaper with wires may substitute for fire alarms


A Robot Bartender For Your Home

Robotic barkeep at your beck and call


NuCalm Makes Stress Relief Easy

Anxiety relief goes high tech


Retro Capsule Hotel in Tokyo Goes High Class with Brand New Saunas

Elite saunas take guests to new levels


Under the Sea: Luxury Underwater Residence Hotel Set to Open in the Maldives

Vacation under the sea in the Maldives


From Rum to the Revolution: Top 7 Museums to Visit in Havana

Havana museums reveal hidden history


Celebrate Spain’s Historic Radio Culture at the Hyatt Centric Madrid

Madrid hotel bar takes guests on a wild trip through Spain’s radio history


Miami’s Surrounded Islands: The Wild Artistic Vision that Changed an Entire City

Islands in Miami transformed the culture


Want to Get Away? Make Any Place Home with an Ecocapsule

Ecocapsules let you call most anywhere “home”


Walt Disney Concert Hall Covered with Spectacular Projections as Part of New Retrospective

Disney concert hall transforms exterior into a giant movie screen



Freelance Writer

I have over 20 years writing experience and have published hundreds of articles in the past 10 years on a wide range of topics. My focus has been food and beverages, architecture and design, trending electronic news, lifestyle, and entertainment. Among others, Glossycover, Apartment Ratings, Dornob, Inhabitat, TheRichest, TheTalko, Vice, LoveToKnow, SheKnows, and Paste Magazine published my work.

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