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Writer, Content Developer, Strategist - Specializing in EdTech, FinTech, GBL, Gamification and More

About Me

Hi. Thanks for stopping by! 

Here is a quick profile of my experience as a writer, content developer and strategist. If you don't see something familiar, just ask. Chances are I can write or develop ideas on that too. 

I'm a former high school social studies teacher - turned writer, entrepreneur and independent contractor. I have an advanced degree in "self organizing systems," -- which really just means I learned why games, projects and gamification programs work so well. What that means, is that I can help you with 

But, there's more. I also have experience as a 

And, have now formed my own content strategy system - called the Content Supercharger. You can read more about that here.   

What all this means is that I can help you...

And yes, there's even more! 

Topics Include

Hobies: French Horn, running, hiking and disc golf. 

Full CV here

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My Writing Samples

Game Based Learning

I design all types of learning games. The one you see here was built year after year for a period of seven years when I taught social studies at a high school in Reno, Nevada. It started out as a simple game, but grew each year -- eventually taking almost an entire semester to play out! When played in full, the game will cover the contents of an entire world history book. But, it could easily be adapted to other classes.


Call Center Gamification

An LA Based E-Commerce Company needed an incentive program for their company call center. My job was to design the parameters of the game and then hand it over to the programmers. Note: proprietary. All rights reserved. (c) 2019.


Team Building Professional Development Activities

A company needed all new activities for teaching team building through the use of LEGOs. I Created the Activity Grid so that students or professionals could pick up different skills and understanding in several areas.



Content Developer / Strategist / Content Architect

VoteMatrix is a technology company focused on improving American democracy -- through a simplified political intelligence and matchmaking system. Hired to do contract work on content (development, architecture and strategy) my job has been to simplify and promote the VoteMatrix message across all our social media channels. Work includes a “self organizing” or “emergent” content system that uses analytics to improve over time. Also produced a work product that defines VoteMatrix in terms of how it solves four key “broken” elements of American democracy.

Company: VoteMatrix

I worked there from 9/2018 until now

Content Strategist

Hired as an independent contractor by Silicon Valley financial technology company Treasury Curve to manage company content and social media. Developed a unique system, using 3 different platforms to continuously stream top rated news and information to corporate treasurers and CFOs. I continue to report on trends and analytics in order to improve communication. Regularly produce new company content, including infographics, product updates, etc.

Company: Independent Contractor/Consultant

I worked there from 11/2016 until now

Content Strategist, Gamification Consultant and Educational Content Developer

Recently completed work includes: a course proposal for teachers on preventing youth violence; a gamification program to incentivize workers in a call center; four episodes on a "thought experiment" podcast called GliderCell; new content for the launch of Umergence.com (a new crowdfunding & crowdsourcing platform); a system for continuously streaming effective & engaging content for a Silicon Valley FinTech company and 22 pages of Team Building Activities for a Professional Development Company. Previous Work: EdTechReview.com -- Wrote reviews of various platforms, games and other software tools used by teachers, students, administrators and others in the educational community. Education Supercollider (Un) Conference -- designed, promoted / implemented a one-day event at Sacramento's HackerLab - to bring together teachers, developers, administrators and entrepreneurs to talk about innovation in the classroom. LearningRx – Promoted educational seminars through press releases, school visits and social media. Media Balance – Worked with CEO / chief scientist Alex Terrazas, Ph.D. on promotion of his behavior modification product, the Wireless Walden. Facebridge Research, Inc. – Assisted in completing a report and slide presentation (for VCs) to establish the viability of an emerging educational market place for their new product which monetized webcam communications. MindSync Learning Network – was established as a hub for educators, students and parents as a way to get connected to classes and tutoring in one’s community. Collaborated with the founder (Jason Robinson) on design and functionality issues, and was beta tester of the site. Schwab Rosenhouse Center of the Sacramento Public Library - designed / implemented a series of creative and critical thinking classes to prepare students for academic and personal challengesThis course covered everything from the multiple intelligences, to memory, to the politics of the school environment

Company: Private Contractor / Consultant

I worked there from 8/2004 until now


HikeStorming is dedicated to the very basic concept of working both mind and body at the same time. I started this organization so that people could simultaneously experience great views, get in shape AND work through important ideas. https://www.facebook.com/hikestorming/

Company: HikeStorming

I worked there from 8/2014 until now

Content I Write