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About Me

Born and raised in London, England, I have always had a love for writing. English was not only my finest subject in school, but I have always had a way of bringing words to life. When I was 14-years old, my sister and I wrote our first book, which was published when I was 16. The book entitled “Getting to Know Me,” was a compilation of journals, telling our experiences of getting bullied at school. Today this book has opened many opportunities, including the start of a not-for-profit organization called Love Our Lives. Our book has won awards such as the Louise Russo W.A.V.E. Award and has received recognition from the Mayor of Markham (2009), the Ontario Conference and our local Caribbean newspaper. 

I have always written poetry, short stories, and plays. I am currently apart of a non-for-profit ministry where I am an assisting editor and creative director. I write freelance romance stories in my free time, based on the individual request of my customers. In 2014, I graduated with a BSc in Wellness Management. Now I am focusing on different forms of literature while learning new techniques to add to my writing style.

Presently, I am co-CEO of Bobbi, which is a company that sells quality human Indian hair. I produce, write, and edit all content on our website and social media. I email and respond to customers with regards to any questions they may have. This opportunity has allowed me to use my writing to captivate customers demonstrating why our products stand out from our competitors.  

All these experiences have shaped me into the writer I am today. I have my own style; however, I utilize the different ways of writing over the years to produce the product a customer wants. It is tailor-made just for you!

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Customer Service Rep

• Speaking with customers from all over the world. • Data entry and requests into the internal system according to the customer. • Knowledge of the geography of the world, customs regulations, rules and regulations of shipments going to various countries.

Company: DHL

I worked there from 7/2014 until 3/2015

Brokerage Assistant

• Data entry for international shipments for customs purposes, calculating duties and taxes for the shipments coming into Canada. • Interacting with FedEx Custom Brokers on casual and commercial shipments. • Maintain customer confidence and protect operations by keeping information confidential.

Company: FedEx

I worked there from 5/2015 until 7/2015


• Respond and report emergency incidents. • Communicate with residents, property management, superintendents, contractors, police, fire department, and paramedics. • Enforce rules and regulations of the condominium corporation. • Communicate formally and informally written documentation to various individuals in the company. • Consistent training and reviewing of emergency procedures.

Company: Regal Security

I worked there from 7/2015 until 2/2017

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