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Sales Copywriter || Digital Marketing Expert || UX Strategist

About Me

Experienced Copywriter with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Facebook and Twitter Ads management, copywriting, and Marketing strategy design. Strong media and communication professional with a strong focus in web copywriting, direct mail/postcard ad writing, email copywriting, PRESS RELEASES, PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS ETC...

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Cliradex Review Copy

Eyecare Product Review Copy


Website sales page copy

Dental Product homepage copy


Email copy For Cannabis Dispensary

B2B Email Sales copy



Remote Freelance Sales Copywriter

Highly Experienced and Professional Freelance Copywriter here, looking to help new startups and established businesses here to create great sales copy, marketing materials and Digital/ Social media marketing ads for your product or business. I specialize mostly on copywriting for email marketing, press releases, product descriptions, creation and design of marketing materials (brochures, prospectuses, catalogs etc, ), Social media Ads management (Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords) , Google Analytics and landing page design, as well as classified ads growth hacking.

Company: Global

I worked there from 9/2013 until now

Freelance Sales CopyWriter

I’m Phillip Afa. I help businesses generate more leads and clients with words. You’re busy and you need results. NO B.S ... I get that. When you need effective words of copy to drive customers to your business premises or services, I create it. Your business needs more sales. More leads. More contracts. More clients. More customers. More dollars…$. Either online (FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube etc) or offline methods. All or any of the above without spending crazy money on outdated and ineffective advertising tactics. More bang for your advertising buck…Yes I get that. You are a very busy person with very little or no time to spare. Your time is your most valuable asset. You are on a very tight deadline but you Need Great, Persuasive Ad and Promo Copy, Well Written And Distributed Press Release, Compelling Product Review Or Product Description, Copy Editing And Persuasive Email Copy Writing Service With Awesome Results. All done ASAP. Yep….I get that too. Your Product, service, or business image has been severely attacked with a whole lot of negative press and you need quick but effective damage control, to clear your name in the eyes of the public and be seen again as a great company / product with positive business intentions and good business ethics… Yes I Totally Understand. You and your company wants to clearly communicate with your current or past clients, customers, suppliers, partners or the world in general about your new products, services, upcoming events, new payment terms, partnership terms and conditions, new promotions etc… without getting them mad, generating bad blood and to avoid negative press. Yeah; I get that too. These and much more are the kinds of business writing, Lead generation, ad and email copywriting services I currently provide. look me up on http://phillipafa.wixsite.com/copy For email enquiries, Email me via phillipafa7@gmail.com . I will respond to your message within 2 hours.

Company: Self Employed

I worked there from 7/2011 until now

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