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About Me

Diana Kelly Levey is an accomplished writer, content marketing writer, editor, journalist and freelance writing coach with over 15 years of experience working for national publications, websites and brands. Her writing style weaves interesting, researched content with smart, actionable tipsinjecting humor into advice, making complex concepts approachable, and turning original ideas into articles that receive high social shares and engagement. She loves to cover topics, products, services, and brands that help people and can improve her readers’ lives or inspire them in some way. She covers health, fitness, wellness, nutrition, pet health, weight loss, personal finance, stress, mental health, sleep,productivity tips, and healthcare topics.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness



My Writing Samples

How to Start An Exercise Program

Tips to help readers get started exercising


Is Insomnia Curable?

Learn about sleep problems and trouble falling asleep as well as if you have insomnia and how to deal with it.


Keep These Costs in Mind After You Buy Your First Home

Get personal finance tips to keep in mind before putting a lot of money into your down payment and closing costs.



Associate Fitness Editor

Company: Weight Watchers

I worked there from 1/2006 until 1/2009

Senior Online Editor

Company: Prevention Magazine

I worked there from 1/2009 until 2/2013

Senior Editor

Company: Muscle & Fitness Magazine

I worked there from 4/2014 until 5/2017

Content I Write