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Content Writer

About Me

Hey, my name is Stephen Valenti, I write content and copy for a living. I'm highly creative, detail-oriented,  and meaningful in my work. I meet all opportunities with a motivation to learn, master, and provide remarkable service. Let's connect and build a more expansive future together!

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Health & Wellness

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

The Importance of Gratitude

A deeper look into the fascinating power of gratitude, and what it can do when practiced every day.


What is a Citation?

A guide to help businesses develop an appropriate representation for themselves online.


3-Day Juice Cleanse

Ghostwriting material reviewing the benefits of juice cleansing, with a few 3-day juice cleansing options.


Seeing the Grand Canyon- Is It Worth the Trip?

A travel post detailing an experience at the Grand Canyon.


Top Rated Benefits of Green Tea

Discovering the potential of health optimization with green tea.



Ghost Writer

I have been producing quality content writing and copywriting for a wide variety of clients.

Company: SteadyContent

I worked there from 6/2018 until now