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Content Developer & Marketing Consultant

About Me

Writing has always been my first love.  Though I am a full-time marketing director, I'm always looking for ways to continue writing and welcome any and all freelance opportunities. Googling "by faith boone" is an easy way to find my writing samples.

When I was 14, I created my own newsletter. In high school, I wrote for the teen section of the Tribune Chronicle in Warren, Ohio, still known today as "Page One." In college, I wrote for every newspaper and magazine I could, minus the publication by law students. Three editor positions and what seems like a million clips later, I landed my first job the week before college officially ended.

In Valley View, Ohio, Sun Newspapers is where I learned how beneficial social media is to the news industry. Over two and a half years, I covered more than 10 beats, at one point nine of them at the same time, including municipalities and police departments. I enjoyed meeting interesting people, working with true, uncompromising journalists, and sharing my life adventures through a weekly column. It was also where I began to turn into the social media enthusiast I had no idea I would become. Sun News was a fantastic start for me, but it was just the start.

I moved on from Sun to work at Stevens Strategic Communications public relations and crisis management firm in Westlake. Though my title was Social Media Strategist, I wore many other hats. My main duties were to manage and come up with social media strategies for the firm and several clients. I also gained extensive experience in project management, business management, and marketing.

After working in PR, I returned to journalism. Something for me was missing and News 5 Cleveland helped to fill that hole. I loved the fast-paced, at times chaotic environment, working with passionate journalists again, and, most of all, getting back to writing news and informing the public.

Today, I find myself no longer in journalism but in marketing to better the lives of young people and help them discover their true potential. I am now embracing some of the skills I love most -- web development, graphic design, data analysis, advertising and media relations. 

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My Writing Samples

Trucking Industry Challenges for the Rest of the Decade

With a little more than 18 months left in the decade, what are the main concerns for the trucking industry before we reach 2020? Three association leaders representing the Iowa Motor Truck Association, Toronto Transportation Club and the Women In Trucking Association informally shared their observations on the hot topics being discussed among their membership and what’s keeping them up at night.



Social networks have blown up with information on NBA Star LeBron James’ decision he will make, hopefully soon, on whether he will stay with the Miami Heat or return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Beachwood University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center nears opening

There’s only a short time before the new University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center opens.


Five Quick Tips for Managing an Agency Blog

Are you the manager of your agency’s blog? Are you the one responsible for making sure all of the entries come in on time, are edited properly and posted in a timely fashion? We know your job may be tougher than it seems! Here are some tips to help make the process a little smoother for you.



The game is powerful due to its bright colors and Bayonetta’s character in general. We never thought there would be a sequel to this game, but there will be one. However, Bayonetta 2 will be developed for the Wii U only, and I haven’t purchased one of Nintendo’s consoles since the GameCube.


Review: SuperFreakonomics

At first glance, you may not be ready for what’s inside. This book is not for everyone. First example: is it more dangerous to drive drunk or walk drunk?



Freelance Writer/Blogger

Write articles and blogs regarding the trucking industry for TMW Systems' blog and Outbound Magazine. First blog was named one of the most read blogs of 2018.

Company: TMW Systems

I worked there from 3/2018 until now


Content development and marketing consultancy focused on helping businesses rejuvenate their promotional efforts.

Company: Boone Logic LLC

I worked there from 1/2013 until now

Marketing Director

ELA's mission is to help young people develop their most valuable asset -- themselves.

Company: Effective Leadership Academy

I worked there from 10/2016 until 4/2021

Web Producer/Social Media Specialist

Company: News 5 Cleveland

I worked there from 12/2013 until 9/2016

Account Executive/Social Media Strategist

Company: Stevens Strategic Communications

I worked there from 4/2012 until 12/2013


Company: Sun Newspapers

I worked there from 1/2010 until 4/2012


The Cauldron - Arts & Entertainment Editor The Cleveland Stater - Editor & Web Editor The Vindicator - Copyeditor

Company: Cleveland State University Student Publications

I worked there from 8/2006 until 12/2009

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