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With great communication, the possibilities are endless!

About Me

Hello and Welcome! 

I am Charlotte Mancini, and I appreciate your time and attention today. I am eager to hear from you, but first, please allow me to provide a brief synopsis of my writing history.

I began writing essays, speeches, and newspaper articles in high school where I was also the Valedictorian. I won the American History Essay Scholarship for John Carroll University, for my essay on what it is to be an American college student. Years later, I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, and later still, my Masters Degree in Business.

I have spent the last 20 years or so in business for myself, as a CEO, and for others, as a consultant.  I have written pro-forma business plans, marketing campaign materials, and even FCC auction information. Currently, I am at your service as a freelance author.

I believe that product knowledge is everything, and I am anxious to hear your requests in detail. Your information, merged with my own thorough planning and comprehensive research on your company, product, competition,etc. will allow us to craft a synergy of succinct, understandable information and targeted, conversion-driven marketing to any desired demographic you choose.

With great communication, the opportunities are endless!

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Real Estate

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Science & Medicine

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Law & Politics

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Women's Weightlifting for Health & Body Rejuvenation

Women's weightlifting as an all-natural remedy for health and body rejuvenation. Lifting heavy weights can reverse the signs of aging and dramatically increase energy levels.



Marketing Manager

I am responsible for the selection, design, and content for our entire product line including the creation of website content, and sales collateral.

Company: DC Imports

I worked there from 10/2015 until now

Content I Write