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I am a creative storyteller with 5 years of experience in digital marketing. I focus on creating approachable, relevant content at each stage of the buyer's journey to drive awareness, conversions, and ultimately, revenue.

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Blog: ABM Best Practices from Meetup with Engagio CEO Jon Miller

With the rise of ABM (account-based marketing), Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio, discusses the best practices and principles that guide Engagio's product and overall marketing strategy.


Blog: How to Use Dynamic Content to Improve Lead Quality

Dynamic content lets companies use the same email, form, landing page, or web page to deliver a unique message to each visitor. This blog discusses key ways to use dynamic content in your marketing to drive conversions and improve your overall lead quality.


Blog: The Multiple Faces of Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is more than just the sum of all downloaded content. Modern marketing uses behavioral, demographic, and technographic variables to determine the"readiness" of each lead. Learn about the nuances of each of these in this blog post.


Blog: Writing Job Descriptions that Bring in A-List Candidates

Attracting talent to your organization seems like it would be pretty simple – just post a job description on your website or the job boards and let the resumes roll in. But how you create that job description plays a huge role in the quality of candidates who apply. This post discusses the components of a truly impactful job description.


Blog: The Basics of Market Pricing a Job

How can companies ensure they're paying fairly, while also attracting top talent to their job postings? Market pricing is the answer. Market pricing a job is the process used to determine the external value of a position. Dive into the basics of market pricing a job with industry expert, Katie Stukowski.


Blog: A Day in the Life of a Data Analyst

Glassdoor named "Data Scientist" the number one job of 2016. But what makes it such an impactful position? Eric Fandel, Data Analyst at Fiksu tells you what a typical day looks like, which projects are the most challenging, and what advice he would give to rising stars in the field.


eBook: 5 Simple Ways to Get Started with Personalization

This eBook discusses how companies can use personalization across channels to build customer loyalty.


eBook: Compensation Technology Trends of 2017

The world of HR – compensation in particular – is characterized by constant change. Each year new trends, new laws, shifting priorities, and technological advancements emerge, driving HR and compensation professionals to respond. HR practitioners must remain up-to-date or risk falling behind their competition. This eBook discusses the trends that are shaping the compensation technology landscape.


Whitepaper: Climbing the Compensation Maturity Curve

It's extremely difficult to know how your company stacks up against your peers when it comes to compensation. It's even more difficult to visualize your path to improvement based on this competitive analysis. That's why Salary.com created the compensation maturity curve – to help industry professionals realistically gauge their compensation practices and clearly identify the right steps forward. Read the whitepaper to learn how this tool can help improve company morale and attract new talent


Navigating the Challenges of Creating Salary Structures

This whitepaper explores the reasons companies create pay structures, the challenges associated with this endeavor, and how companies can overcome these obstacles on their path towards compensation maturity.



Social Media Manager

Manage strategy and execution of Putnam's organic and paid social media program. Create various types of sales enablement collateral to position Putnam as a thought leader for social media as it relates to financial advisors.

Company: Putnam Investments

I worked there from / until now

Marketing Manager

Managed content strategy and production, including blogs, case studies, eBooks, social media posts, web pages, and landing pages. Also executed all marketing programs including emails, newsletters, webinars, live-events and reporting, and was the power-user of the company's marketing automation platform.

Company: Mautic (acquired by Acquia)

I worked there from / until /

Content Marketing Manager

Created content at all levels of the funnel that fed marketing campaigns and drove leads, which resulted in 1,600+ leads and over $160k in pipeline in the first four months. Was responsible for building, managing, aligning, and executing the Salary.com content and social strategy.

Company: Salary.com

I worked there from / until /

Social Media & Content Marketing Manager

Created all types of marketing content, including blog posts, SlideShares, videos, webinars, case studies, whitepapers, datasheets/solution sheets, and more. Was responsible for content production, planning and strategy, as well as our content distribution strategy via social.

Company: Attunity (acquired by Qlik)

I worked there from / until /

Marketing Associate

Managed highly visible CA corporate social accounts and created multiple forms of top-of-funnel content to support these efforts.

Company: CA Technologies (acquired by Broadcomm)

I worked there from / until /

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