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About Me

I have been writing since I came upon the first book I absolutely loved in High School - "So Long a Letter" by Mariama Ba.  My love for writing led me to write award-winning plays and poetry in high school and touring with a self-written One-man play in College.  I spent 12 years working with Quest Diagnostics, a Fortune 500 company as a Trainer, Account Manager, and Lead.  During that time, I used my unique writing skills to create Training materials, S.O.P's, assessments, cheatsheets and other documents for the Company.   Recently, I have embarked upon a new journey to write a book/e-book on Drug testing.  The book will be part Technical, part entertaining.  I am also developing training through a variety of online training portals.  My education in Business and Economics allows me the unique opportunity to look at businesses decisions through the lens of current and historical geopolitical issues.  I, therefore, hope to combine my love for writing with my experience in the Corporate Business world to help companies connect with customers.

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My Writing Samples

Instant Drug Testing Guide

A Summary Guide Sales Communication to provide to clients


Our Drug Testing at A Glance

Sales & Marketing communication.



Account Manager

Managed over 10 million dollar book of business. Handled and set up company accounts, created new business relationships and helped provide clients with ongoing business support.

Company: Quest Diagnostics

I worked there from 8/2005 until 2/2017


Help develop new business. Create and deploy new business communication. Create training projects for clients.

Company: Drug Testing Associates

I worked there from 2/2017 until now

Content I Write