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Writer: Wellness, Writing & Women Entrepreneurs

About Me

I began my career as a journalist, working as both a staff and freelance features writers before becoming the founding editor of a fortnightly entertainment magazine. Moving to the area of PR and communications I accumulated over 15 years’ experience, working both independently as a freelance publicist and as a team leader in multi-functional environments as well as with a cross-section of individuals, groups and organizations. During this time I further honed my writing, editing, research and proofing skills. Thorough and reliable, I understand the importance of (and can always meet) a deadline. In the last few years, I have moved back to my area of passion - writing, and, as a book coach, supporting others in their writing too. I have worked with - and continue working with - a series of world-class clients including RTE (Ireland's national broadcaster), the Department of Arts, Sport, and Tourism (Ireland), Spartan, Strength Matters, Talent Quarterly, Centre of Excellence, and Syndicate Media, among others. 

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

Law & Politics


My Writing Samples

Do Less and Accomplish More in 5 Easy Steps

For this piece on productivity for the global fitness brand, Spartan, I interviewed Christine Carter, sociologist and best-selling author of The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home and Work. She discussed five smart ways to make productivity about quality, not speed and quantity.


Let's Get Rid of These Three Writing Myths

In this article for the Coach Space, I wrote about three of the main stories new writers tell themselves, which hold them back from writing their book.


20 Best Online Mattresses

From foam layers to inner-spring, there's no doubt that buying a new mattress can be bewildering. For this article, I sifted through industry data, customer reviews, and expert interviews to come up with the top 20 mattresses you can buy online.


5 Key Reasons Women Entrepreneurs Should Consider Writing a Book

I'm a firm believer in the idea that "the more women write, the more women write." And in this article, I discuss how books written by women entrepreneurs are key to helping other women side-step the belief that there's only one way to be a successful entrepreneur.


5 Essential Steps for Women Starting Endurance Racing

I interviewed a range of women, including Kathrine Switzer, the first female numbered entry to run the male-only Boston marathon, and Ella Brogan, athlete development manager at Ironman, to find out what women need to know to start endurance racing.


Sleep Your Way to Your First Book

Sleep is essential for creativity. And while many of us think we should be able and willing to forgo sleep to write our opus, the facts say otherwise. In this article, I highlight how sleeping more can help you write better.



Writer & Book Coach

I write and edit articles, white papers, books, and other content for digital, audio, and visual media, for creatives, coaches, changemakers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. I also work as a “book midwife” to a select number of women every year. This involves helping, culture-making, multi-passionate entrepreneurial women birth the books that represent their vision and voice in the world.

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