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About Me

I have traveled and worked extensively across the United States and have a variety of unique experiences that contribute to my writing success. I have occupied Wall Street, built a house in an abandoned construction dump in California, directed the most successful GOTV office in the nation in 2008, led troubled youth on backcountry camping excursions for a wilderness therapy program, taught painting classes, walked dogs in the winter in Chicago, organized a bike coalition in NYC, and much, much more. I love traveling and have an affinity for animals, exercise, art ,and the great outdoors. I have written for both digital and print publications, and my current blog can be found at bigworldlittleadventure.wordpress.com.

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My Writing Samples

Blog Post

A motivational piece for creatives suffering from the Winter blahs


The PACT Act

An article detailing the recently passed PACT Act.


Top Ten Folk Artists

A top ten article about folk artists.




Conduct research and interviews Content creation, blog-writing, and article writing experience for both print and digital media Writing services for newspapers, websites, and individuals

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from 11/2007 until now

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