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Brand Journalist, MA

About Me

Goal-oriented brand journalist who breaks down concepts and industry language into readable form that motivates audiences to take action. 

My focus is on how the piece will inform, inspire, and entertain the reader. I weave emotion and facts to create long-form content that builds rapport and leads to sales, using keywords so the reader's eye tracks seamlessly and isn't interrupted by awkward phrases.

Integrating links to authoritative third-party sites like .gov or .edu boosts credibility.

Matching images to written content using sites like Unsplash.com or offering my own photos when appropriate is part of my services.

Structure is key for crafting blogs, e-books and print books, long-form articles, press releases and brochures.

I offer ghostwritten material reflecting the brand and client's voice while clients may prefer my byline as a journalist. 

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Find writers and ideas in this industry


Find writers and ideas in this industry

My Writing Samples

Tech Blog Post: Linking Industrial Equipment to the Cloud

A blog post on updating the legacy equipment of factories with cloud-based technology to gain manufacturing insights.


Health e-book: Pain Relief the Natural Way: Healing with Upper Cervical Chiropractic

5,000 word e-book describing why Upper Cervical chiropractic care benefits patients. Details given in easy-to-understand language on the brainstem and its need for alignment.


Entertainment Client: Linette Beaumont, Actress Website

Using headlines and a longer form bio to showcase the versatility and dynamic nature of this actress on U.K. screens.


How to Select an Open Office or Private Office Layout

Blog post detailing how to select the right type of office layout for a company. Sub-heads directed reader to succinct summaries and the advantages of the different layouts. A call to action brought attention to the client's expertise in space planning.


Take Back the Smile that Cancer Stole: the Cancer Survivor's Guide to Better Dental Health

An upbeat tone, ghostwritten book for Dr. Ronald Koslowski, Encino, CA, describing the role of gums, teeth, saliva along with the impact of chemotherapy and why dental care by a prosthodontist is critical.


Supporting Your Niche Lifestyle in Southern California

Ghost-written for LinkedIn Pulse -- Private mortgage banker describing the unique needs of high income individuals in Southern California.


So Cal Entrepreneurs: Steve Craig, Developer, Developing a Higher Quality of Life

15,000 word ebook detailing developer Steve Craig's approach to shopping malls like the Citadel Outlet Mall. How he got started, built his business, and grew along with his views on quality are covered.


So Cal Entrepreneurs: A Dog Food Horror Story

Several hundred word original article on business partners who founded the Healthy Spot Dog Food stores in the Los Angeles area.




Brand journalist working with professionals and brands in real estate, finance and healthcare.

Company: Don Simkovich and Associates

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