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About Me

As a writer with more than 40 years experience in the biz, Kaanii has successfully delivered tens of thousands of content pages, product descriptions, SEO optimized landing pages, and to-order articles for countless contented clients.

Until recently, Kaanii researched and wrote from a cabin in the redwoods above the Napa Valley. When her home burned to smithereens in October 2017, she grabbed her cat and computer and relocated to Napa where she married her best friend and luthier in 2018.

Today, Kaanii writes to-order custom content on virtually any topic except puppy mills and gun stores. 

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My Writing Samples

Fake Frank: Zappa Hologram Shows Won’t Be First Fronted By A Dead Guy

The Zappa Family Trust’s recent revelation of plans to peddle a phantom Frank is causing no small amount of consternation amongst long time Zappa fans. Some say the whole idea of a fake Frank is creepy. Others surmise that a Zappa hologram might be a novel way to present the late composer’s music to a new generation of tech-minded millennials. If and when a phantasmagorical Frank Zappa steps onstage in 2018, it’s sure to drop some jaws, but it won’t be because Frank’s the first...


Bees, Bees, Bees

I wrote this, but MillerPest Control owns full rights: Do you know that there are at least 20,000 different species of bees? It’s true. Bees buzz on every continent except for Antarctica. Many bees construct wax hives, but some bees live in holes in the ground. Some can even bore into a tree or wooden wall and set up home. Four well-known types of bees inhabit North America, and three of these bee varieties can be found right here in Iowa.


Solid State vs. Tube Amps: Scientists and Music Industry Professionals Weigh In

All rights belong to Verblio, but I wrote this: If you’re like a lot of budding musicians, you want to record an album, but the per-hour price of booking a professional recording studio is simply out of reach. Does this mean your band will have to play for tips in grungy dive bars until you’ve saved enough cash to cover the cost? Not necessarily. Choose the right gear and learn how to use it, and you can achieve the sound you desire in your home recording studio. With this in mind...


San Franciscans Enjoy “Taste of Peru” at La Costanera Restaurant

La Costanera restaurant owns all rights to this, but I wrote it: Imagine it’s a typical weekend night in the Bay Area. You and your favorite dining partner are mulling over dinner ideas. Are you in the mood for home cooking or fine dining? Order in or put on a jacket and go somewhere nice? What sounds good? In San Francisco, it’s possible to indulge virtually any culinary craving. When was the last time you lingered over a fabulously authentic Peruvian meal? If your answer is ‘never,’ it may..


Iconic Chrysler Building Up For Sale

Scott Hensen Architect owns all rights to this content that I wrote: An Art Deco masterpiece that has defined the Manhattan skyline for nearly 90 years is going up for sale in 2019. Currently co-owned by the Abu Dhabi Investment Council and New York property developer, Tishman Speyer, the Chrysler Building is expected to sell for as much as one billion dollars. The Chrysler Building is the eighth tallest building in New York City standing at 77 floors. At the date of its completion in 1930...


Your Microwave Oven Is Watching You: Kellyanne Conway Says So

During my years at Inquisitr News, I wrote about a zillion interesting articles. This is one of them: You know how it goes. You wake up in the morning, toddle to the kitchen, and fire up the coffeemaker. It’s time to feed the cat, crack a few eggs, and flash a pretty good morning smile to your appliances. Your microwave oven is watching, and you want to make a nice impression. Or so Kellyanne Conway would have us believe. Mike Kelly of the Bergen County Record recently interviewed the...



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