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About Me

I am a wordsmith with a hunger for knowledge and a passion for providing well-researched content.

My history and continued studies involve health sciences, nutrition and novel herbal treatments. 

With an understanding and ability to translate the nuances of clinical research into easily digestible information for readers or professionals of any level.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

What the US Farm Bill means for Hemp

How hemp regulations under the 2019 Farm Bill will effect the hemp industry


World Health Organisation Recommendations

Analysis of the timeline of cannabis prohibition and recent WHO recommendations on the rescheduling of cannabis medicines.


Nailing the most effective dose

The complexities of therapeutic dosing for medical cannabis patients


Minor Cannabinoids with Major Potential

Information on the therapeutic actions and potentials of minor cannabinoids




Blog, Social Media and Content writer

Company: iCAN: ISrael-Cannabis

I worked there from / until /

Communications & Project Coordinator

Content writer, social media management and event coordination

Company: BuddingTech

I worked there from / until /

Freelance writer

Evidence-based articles, blogs and web copy

Company: Qunnabis

I worked there from /2018 until now

Content I Write