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About Me

My name is Tamara and I'm a freelancer. 

I'll write about anything from fashion to auto industry. 

I always meet my deadlines and submit articles as soon I get them.

I'm very easy to work with and I'll rewrite, translate and edit them.  

Industries I Write About


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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

How to avoid getting mugged

No one wants to get robbed, but many people don't know the smallest precautions of how not to get mugged, whether you're at home or on the street. Here are the top reasons of how to avoid getting robbed at home. 1. Lock your windows and doors, and put the signs that you have an alarm. This is one of the top and most logical reasons to create a safe environment for your house when you're gone out on vacation or out of town. When burglars see that you have alarm stickers on your windows.


Defector game review

Ever since seeing James Bond movie series all of us fell in love with the idea that someday we could be international spies. We would take down criminals and drug lords with style and flair. ''Defector''- a VR game from Oculus will show you in every way possible of how to do what you dreamed of! It's a perfect cross of ''Fast & Furious'' and ''James Bond''. Everyone loves at least one of those franchises.


Why dropping out of college was the best idea

College is overrated, let’s start with that. Yes, it can be fun to meet new people, have all kinds of experiences while achieving your dream career. However, most of the college students change their majors in the first year. You can’t expect an average 18-year old to know who he wants to be when he grows up. Very few students know exactly what they want to learn and how to achieve their dream.



Writer, editor

I edit, rewrite and write articles for other people, from all kinds of industries.

Company: hirewriters.com

I worked there from / until now

Editor, reporter

I make sure everything looks great in the newspaper before we publish it, I go to meetings all over the city and write front page stories, work with interns.

Company: The Manning Times

I worked there from / until now

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