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Creative Tech, Photography and SEO Writer

About Me

I am a storyteller. After all, that is what my name means, literally. That aside, I  love being productive, and pleasing clients with the quality of my work.

Let us say, that my specialization is in news-based articles and press releases because I am a journalist. But that does not mean I have not diversified. I love doing blog posts too because I run a blog on the side.

I am not yet the Hemingway of copy and content; I am working towards being one, but I live on words, I breathe words, and I write words, amazing ones.

My written content is pristine, erudite even because I put everything in my armory into every piece of work I sit down to do.

My copy is beautiful. I would have no better word for it, because I write with flair, with shapes. The work of my hands is like a model strutting the runway, it only attracts awes from your readers and clients.

I mean every of my blog pieces viral. I work on them no less than Michelangelo worked on the Vatican ceiling. I cut them into pieces when they call to be cut, I mold them into sculptures when they (words) are a little shapeless and a little deformed, and I make sure, that just as Tourists throng the Basilica to see the work of Michelangelo's hands, they will throng your site to see, and buy from you.

Shall we get the job going?

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My Writing Samples


This article workd around China. The bane of contention is whether the use of A.I can be transferred to deterring scams within the medical field


The 5G mania.Who will win the Race

Tech companies have been on the scamper to launch their 5G smartphones this year. While this review is focused on China, it works around reviewing the differennt 5G phones


The Listings Craze in Writing

I have a heavy opinion on writing. I believe it`s art. My LinkedIn articles all revolve around how writing can be made better, and how writers can do better work at it




I worked as aneditor of a tech magazine, housed within the Nation Media Group, Kenya`s biggest newspaper. My responsibilities apart from writing op-eds on tech included editing articles submitted by other tech writers

Company: Nation Media House-Kenya

I worked there from 1/2016 until 5/2018


The Pandaily is a Chinese Tech-news site that covers issues around Chinese innovation. I have contributed highly to the site, with my work being ranked at the top.

Company: The Pandaily

I worked there from / until now

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