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Ghostwriter, Writer, Editor, Proofreader based in Florida

About Me

I’m an award-winning freelance business book ghostwriter, content marketing writer, and editor with nearly twenty years’ experience based in North Florida.

As a ghostwriter, editor, and proofreader for traditional publishing and self-publishing houses, I have covered topics such as leadership, thought leadership, generational leadership, labor law, corporate culture, HR technology, and management technology, as well as other topics including health, women’s health, transportation, lodging design, insurance, education, finance, and the business of coffee.

I’ve written thousands of articles for news outlets (e.g. The Business Journal), leading magazines (e.g. Forbes) and trade journals (e.g. The Federal Credit Union), companies (e.g. ADP Total Source), as well as websites (e.g. GuideWell). Please see https://dianefaulkner.com/popular-clips/ for more work samples. Resume available upon request.

Industries I Write About


Law & Politics

Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

FORBES: How HR Can Help Prevent Employee Burnout

Human Resources/Employee Burnout/Engagement


Modernize Onboarding to Accelerate New Hire Engagement

Human Resources/Onboarding/New Hire/Engagement


FORBES: How to Use Big Data to Recruit Top Talent

Human Resources/Big Data/Technology/Recruiting/Staffing/Retention


Why Googling Candidates Before You Hire Them is Against the Law

Human Resources/Hiring/Staffing/Recruiting/Best Practices/Labor Law


How Employee Resource Groups Fulfill Diversity Objective and Grow Leaders

Human Resources/People Management/Growth/Diversity/Leadership/Development/Training


Should You Re-Evaluate Employee Perks?

Human Resources/Benefits


What Employers Need to Know About Their First Employees

Human Resources/Labor Law/What employers need to think about (hidden costs, labor laws, and resources) before hiring their first employees.


Why You Need a Business Identity

Business/Small Business/What a business identity is and why it is important to cultivate one.


Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce

Small Business/Business/Freelancers/Remote Workforce/Management/Tips to managing a remote workforce.


Who Is Eligible for Materntity and Paternity Leave?

Business/Small Business/Maternity Leave/Paternity Leave/What maternity and paternity leave is and how to determine who is eligible.


Customizing a Job Application Template to Fit Your Business

Small Business/Recruitment & Retention/Recruiting/How to create a template to fit an individual business' needs.


Bought a Lemon? The Lemon Law Can Help You Make Lemonade

Small Business/Lemon Law/Retail/What Lemon Law is and how to make it work for you when you've bought something that doesn't work.


What Small Businesses Need to Know About Holiday Pay

small business, holiday pay


How to Manage and Motivate a Remote Workforce During a Crisis

remote workforce, remote employees, small business, human resources


Customizing a Job Application to Fit Your Business

job application, recruitment, recruiting, small business


Knowing When It's Time to Talk to an Employment Attorney

discrimination, employment attorney, small business, operations


What Start-ups Need to Know About Their First Employees

recruiting, recruitment, first employees, small business


Bought a Lemon? The Lemon Law Can Help You Make Lemonade

small business, lemon law, retail


Who is Eligiblie for Maternity and Paternity Leave?

leave, benefits, human resources, small business, maternity leave, paternity leave


Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce

remote workforce, remote employees, virtual employees, virtual workforce, managment, tips, small business


Why You Need a Business Identity

small business, logo, business identity, marketing


How to Maintain Your Work-Life Balance While Working From Your Kitchen Table

Work-life balance when working from home during coronavirus.


9 Tools for Working Remotely to Stay Productive and Connected

Round-up of tech tools.


What Your Logo Design Says About Your Business and Why It Matters

What small businesses need to know about their logos.


What to Do if an Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

What small business owners should do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19/coronavirus.


Using Coronavirus Lessons to Build Resiliency for the Future

What small businesses have learned throughout coronavirus that will help them be more prepared in the future.


Understaning At-Will Employment

What small businesses need to know about at-will employment law.


Key Things to Look for in a Work-for-Hire Agreement

What small businesses need to know about work-for-hire agreements.


How to Hire Your First Employees

What small businesses need to know about hiring their first employees.


Can Your Employer Force You to Go Back to Work During COVID-19?

Can employers force employees back to work during a crisis like COVID-19?


How to Build the Best Talent Communities

How small to medium-sized businesses can build talent communities to accelerate recruiting.


A Quick Guide to Hiring Freelancers in a Time of Crisis

What to do to hire freelancers in a time of crisis.


Legal Requirements for Hiring a Summer Intern

Legal requirements businesses should know before hiring a summer intern.


Tips and Tricks for Seasonal Employment Hiring

Tips for employers when hiring seasonal workers.


What is Organizational Culture and Why Is It Important?

Organizational culture is so important that 93% of employees mention company culture in their online reviews of employers...


Is Outsourcing HR the Right Move for Your Small Business?

Pros and cons of outsourcing HR in a small business.


How to Apply for -- and Get -- Business Grants

Details who can get a business grant and how to get them (Canada & US).


How Productive are Small Businesses with a Remote Workforce?

Details less productive, mixed results, and tips from more productive small businesses.


3 Red Flags to Watch Out for When Interviewing Potential Employees

Always look for people who have read your entire website and have a genuine interest in your industry and company.


How to Incentivize and Motivate Your Star Employees

Three companies share how they motivate and incentivize star employees.


Tips for Hiring a Diverse Workforce

How to implement diversity, equity, and inclusion in your hiring process.


FORBES: Interviewing 101: How to Choose the Right Candidate to Interview

Tips on how to choose the right candidate to interview


How Businesses Can Address Employee Burnout During COVID-19

Businesses share what they have done to deal with burnout due to coronavirus.


What to Do When Your Best Employees Outgrow Your Business

Business owners share what they do to retain employees.


How to Start a Business While on Unemployment

Describes how people can start a small business while drawing unemployment.


Employment Law 101: Accounting for Vacation Pay

Shows employers how to compute vacation pay. Describes the various related compensation laws.


Why You Should Upskill Your Workforce

Describes what upskilling is in comparison to re-skilling. Details why employers should upskill their workforce.


The Startup Advantage in the Age of COVID

Four business owners reflect on how COVID actually helped them grow their new businesses in the midst of the pandemic.


Alternative Funding Options for Small Businesses

Details a variety of alternative sources for small business funding.


How to Learn from Your Competitors

Details how small businesses learn from their competitors.


How Businesses Can Address Employee Burnout During COVID-19

Details how small businesses can identify and deal with employee burnout during the pandemic.


How to Start a Home Business

Details how to start a home business.


How to Copyright a Dance

Details how to protect intellectual property, how to copyright a dance for individuals and small business.


3 Advantages of Being a Female Entrepreneur

Details advantages women have when becoming an entrepreneur.


Why Do Film Companies Form an LLC for a Movie?

Details why it's best to form an LLC before making a movie.


How to Start a Writing Business

Describes how to start a writing business from scratch.



Freelance Writer/Editor/Ghostwriter B2B

Journalist and editor with more than twenty years of experience in writing, editing, proofreading, magazine/Internet/newspaper work, developmental editing, ghostwriting book-length manuscripts, coaching/instruction, technical writing. Currently, use Chicago and AP styles.

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from 9/1995 until now

Head of Human Resource Programs

Recruited to retool & re-establish HR department. Within a 15-month contract, introduced online recruitment resources, developed & facilitated recruitment standards based on FLSA & Title VII strictures. Renegotiated benefits contracts & instituted monthly benefit orientations. Designed & implemented an internal on-line HR department to better serve out-of-state, out-of-country staff. Advise President, Executive Team, Board of Directors, Program Directors, management team on labor law/HR issues.

Company: Reynolds, Smith & Hills, Inc.

I worked there from 2/1998 until 5/1999

Vice President - Human Resources

Organizational Development, Recruitment, Benefits, Quality Improvement Programs, Strategic Planning, Review & Critique (360○), Budget & Analysis, Compensation, Pension (401k, 403(b), 403(c)), Training & Development, Employee Counseling, Policy Creation/Implementation/Follow-up, AAP/EEO-1, Diversity (Title VII issues), Safety (OSHA issues), Federal & State Employment Law, Mergers & Acquisitions through NCUA, Workers' Compensation, Community Outreach

Company: Coastline Federal Credit Union

I worked there from 5/1995 until 2/1998

Content I Write