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Expert Health and Medical Writer

About Me

I'm a holistic nutritionist (BHSc Nutritional Medicine) with over ten years of experience in medical and health writing. I can provide relevant, engaging and researched content and copy for your blog, website, industry magazine, or print product.


"Great working with James! Responds well to feedback and happy to get the project done to my specification. I will definitely be using him again for future projects!"

"[James] had very good communication with me and the quality of the comments on my writing were to the point and helped to finish my book."

"James listened to my full health history and talked about my symptoms as a sign of deeper problem, not just a standalone, aesthetic issue. He provided me with a simple and easy-to-follow diet and a few supplements, and worked with me when I suggested things might not work with my lifestyle. As a result of my diet changes I’ve seen more improvement than my skin than ever before. I couldn’t be happier!! James’s work isn’t just a prescription, it’s a relationship. I felt seen as a person, instead of just another pimply youth in a line of pimply youths. He treats the whole body with care and attention, not just the symptoms. Highly recommended :)"

Services I provide:

+ Writing articles that are genuinely helpful, backed by research, and search engine optimised. My writing will boost traffic to your blog or website, and convert visitors into customers whether your audience is the general public, physicians, or experts. Ghostwriting, copywriting, and guest blogging available.

+ Technical writing for the medical industry, including nutritional, pharmaceutical, naturopathic and herbal medicine B2B information sheets, literature reviews and research summaries.

+ Editing creative writing and commercial content to US or UK English style standards while retaining the original "spark" you wrote it with. My passion is creative writing, so I understand the value of gentle but constructive editing that supports the project (and the writer).

+ Academic research and writing on medical, nutritional, herbal medicine, and pathophysiology topics.


Thank you for visiting my profile. I hope we can work together soon!

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

Foods to Strengthen Your Recovery, According to a Nutritionist

Foods to get your body back in balance and keep you on track with sobriety. Written for The Temper, a feminist platform that explores life through the lens of sobriety, addiction, and recovery.


Ultimate Guide to Ginseng : Not All Are Equal

Everything you need to know about ginseng. Written for Supplement HQ, a website dedicated to evidence-based, science-backed reviews of popular supplements.


Who Invented Nicotine Gum?

Engaging article about the history of nicotine gum for Lucy, a company that is creating new, naturally-flavoured nicotine gum.


Top 8 ways to keep your breath fresh after you quit smoking

You're off the cigarettes and hoping your breath smells as fresh as you feel – but your friends are telling you otherwise. Unfortunately, the oral effects of smoking can hang around for longer than you’d expect, and freshening up your breath is more complicated than chewing mints. Written for Lucy, a company that is reinventing nicotine gum.


7 types of green tea you should know about

Feeling like you just got your head around sencha, and now there’s matcha? What exactly is the difference between bancha and genmaicha? Written for Supplement HQ, a website dedicated to evidence-based, science-backed reviews of popular supplements.



Freelance Health & Medical Writing

I've been working on platforms like Upwork and for private clients for over ten years.

Company: Self Employed

I worked there from /2008 until now

Product Development Manager & Technical Writer

• Created a range of complementary medicine products based on nutrition trends, current evidence-based research, naturopathic principles and TGA regulations. • Wrote technical product sheets, webinar content and other presentations for targeted audiences of healthcare practitioners and general public.

Company: InterClinical Laboratories

I worked there from /2016 until /2017

Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

• Specialising in transgender, LGBTQI, and sexual health with a strong emphasis on patient education, mineral therapy, and food as medicine. • Developed techniques to educate patients on relevant physiology and nutritional biochemistry. • Developed a webinar series for healthcare practitioners on appropriate care for transgender clients and their unique nutritional requirements

Company: James Lyons Nutrition

I worked there from / until /

Student Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

• Worked in multidisciplinary student clinic to provide holistic healthcare. • Volunteered to develop and present lectures to educate peers and supervisors on niche nutritional therapies and cultural competencies. • Initiated a reorganisation and categorisation of the nutritional supplement dispensary including clarification of excipients and identify dairy-free, FODMAPs-free, and vegan-friendly products.

Company: THINK Wellbeing Clinic

I worked there from / until /

Private Tutor & PASS Facilitator

• Tutored students in nutrition, health science subjects, and academic writing skills. • Developed and presented mini-lectures that communicated complex concepts with clarity and understanding. • Identified key learning outcomes and designed flow-charts and study aids to assist students in exam preparation. Many students raised their grade averages from credits to distinctions, with some improving passing grades into high distinctions.

Company: THINK Colleges : Southern School of Natural Therapies

I worked there from / until /

Experience in sales and fundraising

• Tripled commission targets in first month of working as a travel consultant. • Consistently exceeded targets and KPIs in phone and face-to-face fundraising. • Led and coached a team of seven fundraisers to consistently exceed personal bests.

Company: Multiple employers

I worked there from / until /

Content I Write