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About Me

Hello. I am passionate about social matters and justice.   I love plants and gardening, and I also enjoy a good cup of tea while reading a great book.  

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The Importance of Human Interaction

Being social does not mean that everyone loves parties or large crowds, but it does say that everyone needs someone in their life in whom they can confide or enjoy moments. Our mental, spiritual, and emotional survival depend on having human interaction with someone other than ourselves. If you have seen the movie, Cast Away with Tom Hanks, you would understand what I mean when mentioning the need for human interaction.


Achieving Personal Development Goals

According to the Business Dictionary, personal development is defined as “the process of improving oneself through such activities as enhancing employment skills, increasing consciousness and building wealth.” There are many ways to interpret some of these enhancing processes within your walk, but the bottom line is that real change requires a conscious action on your behalf.



Former Police Officer

Community Policing

Company: Philadelphia Police Department

I worked there from / until /

Former Detention Deputy

Corrections- Intake Unit

Company: Polk County Sheriff's Office

I worked there from / until /

Child Protection Investigator

Child Welfare Investigations

Company: Florida Department of Children and Families

I worked there from / until /

Elementary School Teacher

Company: Polk County Schools

I worked there from / until /

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