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Award-winning Writer, Editor, & Speaker

About Me

I have always loved writing and editing! As a 20-year professional, I have enjoyed so many things and have very much appreciated the opportunity to enjoy such a fabulous career.

I began as an entrepreneur, doing freelance writing work. I enjoyed writing articles and educational materials, but soon went on to write books and edit the works of others, too. 

By the late '90s, I was hired as the Managing Editor and Head Writer for Big Idea Productions. Within a year I moved into the position of Publishing Director and successfully built their book and curriculum department from the ground up. I later moved on to do the same for Exclaim Entertainment.

After both of those rewarding experiences in addition to having publishing 75 of my own books, over 20 curriculum projects, and countless articles, scripts, and website content, I returned to freelance writing and editing. I have and continue to enjoy that thoroughly to this day.

I also enjoy a very active speaking career. I have spoken to audiences of 10 to 10,000 as a Keynote Speaker or Workshop Leader. I speak on many topics,  including the family, family values, educational themes, writing and publishing, inspirational messages, faith, being an entrepreneur, time management, ways to save money, and even lots of fun topics like crafting ideas, games, volleyball, camping, party planning, travel, and hiking! The reason I choose to speak on those topics because that's where my experience lies. 

I spend a great deal of time with children, parents, and educational institutions. I enjoy having fun, although most people likely see me as more serious. That's probably because I always seem to have a pen in hand or a computer at my side.

I believe life provides daily opportunities -- but it's up to us to reach out and grab them. I don't want to miss out on anything!

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My Writing Samples

VeggieTales Bible Storybook

Join Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and all your VeggieTales friends as they share twenty favorite Bible stories. Based on the popular videos, this Bible storybook combines VeggieTales humor with great lessons. Kids will love reading classic Veggie stories and Scripture selections that go along with them from the NIrV—The NIV for Kids! Have fun while learning Bible stories and the important message each one brings. Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun!


My Read and Rhyme Bible Storybook

This Bible Storybook combines fun rhythm & rhyme with a learn-to-read format to help students discover God’s Word while they learn to read. Young readers will enjoy the lively text & rhythm as well as the stories & engaging art. The stories are written using many of the vocabulary words from the Dolch Sight Word List for young readers. To reinforce reading fluency & build vocabulary skills, vocabulary & rhyming words are highlighted & featured at the end of each story & more!


Precious Girls Club Chapter Books - Series of 8

In a series of 8 chapter books, a young gal named Katie Bennett is visited by her guardian angel, Faith, who no one else can see. With Faith's help, she copes with adjusting to a new school and making friends by starting her own club, the Precious Girls Club. Some titles are: A Little Bit of Faith, Operation Kindness, Lost and Found, The Best Gift of All, Nothing but the Truth, and three more!

http://cindy kenney precious girls club


Writer, Editor and Speaker

 As an award-winning writer & editor with 25 years of experience, I focus on books, articles, marketing, & educational material.  I have an engaging style, create compelling content, & offer thought-provoking answers. I deliver effective material that provides useful knowledge that will both enlighten and delight readers.  I understand the importance of words that evolve into content that is as entertaining and interesting as it is informative and accurate. I will not deliver anything less.

Company: Kenney Creative

I worked there from 1/2008 until now

Publishing Director

 Responsible for all book and curriculum creation from idea through product sale. Produced and managed timelines, pipelines, budgets, and publishing partnerships.  Created fun, innovative products for educational and entertainment purposes. Provided detailed business and marketing reports on a monthly basis.  Provided key support, creativity, and writing in all marketing efforts for the publishing department.

Company: Exclaim Entertainment

I worked there from 5/2006 until 7/2008

Publishing Director, Managing Editor, & Writer

 Developed and produced a successful book and curriculum department from the ground up by creating innovative products. Established production timelines, pipelines, and budgets. Served as lead writer and editor in publishing.  Collaborated with, supervised, and trained writers, editors, and all related departments. Provided key support in all aspects of product development.  Provided content management and creation for marketing, blogs, articles, and website in publishing.

Company: Big Idea Productions, Inc.

I worked there from 3/1997 until 5/2006

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