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Tech, Med, Real Estate, Deep Research

About Me

I am great at finding the detailed stats that you are looking for to tell the story. Studies have found that the more content you put on the web, the more likely you are to gain new customers. It is essential to stay on top of your website and to keep putting great content out there for people to absorb. By showing the customer that you understand their journey they are more likely to make a purchase from you. 

I excel at technical writing from blogs to white papers and have done most of my work in tech, finance, and business. I have experience writing about technology, medicine, business, and market research. I bring top-notch research and teaching skills from my experience as a bench research scientist. I also have in-depth experience with SEO and website development. I can supply additional samples upon request.

Link to more recent work, please do not republish, or use in any way other than to see what I am capable of. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s8winywp7dmir6q/AADvLz-LHCWki1WRsYbrGMc_a?dl=0
Thank You!

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine



Real Estate


Health & Wellness




My Writing Samples

Four Vital Elements to Building a Solid Data Infrasturcture for Digital Marketing



10 Essential Customer Service Skills Your Team Should be Practicing



BRM 2016 Annual Report

An annual report I designed and put together.


Data Cleansing What it is and Why it Matters

Overview blog.


Guide to Mirror Therapy and the Benefits of Neuroplasticity



How to Prepare for GDPR Compliance Using Google Analytics

GDPR Compliance


How to Simplify Enterprise Data Storage Challenges

Centralization of data to make it easier to access and process.


Improves Call Center Internal Comm

How to improve internal communication within a call center.


Introduction to Electrical Stimulation

Manual and copy


Group of Real Estate Samples for Lending Tree

Both traditional and non-traditional blogs.


ROI of Quality Fitness Centers in Multi-Family Housing



Strategic Supply Partners Save Money



The Differences Between Deep TMS and Repetative TMS

Manual, Instructions, Blog


TraNexus Blog Series

Blog series completed for the launch of a new cryptocurrency.


X Tips for Negotiating Contracts in China



Your Trading Edge - BTC

An article I wrote for a magazine about bitcoin.


Project Funding Solicitation, Best Practices

An overview of the best way to go about obtaining grants from non-profit organizations.


The Importance of Thermal Management in PCB Manufacturing

Technical overview of heat in PCB manufacturing.



Freelancer, Technical, Medical, and Business Writer/Editor

I continuously develop my Writing, Editing, SEO, Analytics, Research, Communications, Development, Marketing, Fact-Checking, Designing, and Creating skills working with clients over a broad spectrum of industries. A specialty of mine is taking complex topics and breaking them down for all to understand.

Company: Heidi Tait

I worked there from 1/2013 until now

University of Maine, PhD Candidate

PhD Candidate at the Graduate School of Biosciences. Here I gained experience in research, analysis, proposal writing, experiment planning and development, SOP documentation, collaboration, leadership, teaching skills, and much more.

Company: University of Maine

I worked there from 9/2006 until 9/2012

University of Southern Maine, Chemistry Department TA and Tutor

I held office hours and worked in Organic, Analytical, and Physical Chemistry classes. This is the start of my teaching and tutoring experience. I moved on to private tutoring, and now do part-time contract work online.

Company: University of Southern Maine

I worked there from 9/2004 until 5/2006

Maine ScienceCorps, Fellow

I taught a yearlong science project to rural high schools in Maine in exchange for a stipend of $35,000 a year.

Company: University of Southern Maine

I worked there from 9/2009 until 9/2011

Content I Write