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About Me

I am about to turn 50 years old, and though this fact alone should frighten me, instead I am amused at my thoughts and exhilarated at the prospect. Life thus far has taught me that I am nothing if not resilient; a survivor, indeed. My experiences have been rough and they've been extreme, and they have been plentiful. However, they've also taught me a multitude of valuable lessons and given me more character than I know what to do with! As a writer, I am relatively unknown but only because I never took a chance on myself, until now. If you want someone with a unique perspective and an ability to see most anything from any angle, that's me. I am both innovative and dedicated, and my expertise shines through in my vast  knowledge of the English language and how to communicate it effectively.  I am also an excellent editor, for this same reason. Use me on your next project and I will prove my value far beyond any normal expectations, this I am completely confident of. Try me, you won't be disappointed! More: rhenterprize.com

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Blog excerpt re: Birdiminiums (new website)

The proof is in his work, each one a masterpiece, every time. I spoke to several people who are proud owners of these Birdiminiums, who all sang his praises and talked about all the compliments they constantly get on them. I personally could find no one, who was even slightly dissatisfied in any way. Recently, he started doing them for businesses, too. They are all custom made, tailored to fit your unique personality or business, and are all original works of art. If you love this kind of thing,




Created and succeeded at two different seller accounts, both with 100% positive feedback ratings on eBay for over 10 years! Knowledge in a plethora of popular item categories, like collectibles and antiques of all kinds, small household appliances, memorabilia, etc. Did all marketing, advertising, research, finances, shipping and customer service, as well.

Company: eBay Site Seller/Manager

I worked there from 8/2006 until 12/2018

Private Caregiver

Cared for most needs of multiple elderly and/or severely handicapped patients on a private basis, most until death.


I worked there from 4/2010 until 11/2018

Telecommunications Office Manager

Everything from phone sales, training etc. to payroll. Advanced quickly.

Company: Direct Media

I worked there from 1/2012 until 11/2015

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