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About Me

I am a content writer with a focus on creating content that people want to read. My goal is for potential clients to read through content, understand your brand, and convert more easily.

Grew up in New York. Educated in Boston. Living in Israel.

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My Writing Samples

3 Reasons to Have a Team

Growing a team has taken me from a boot-strapping solopreneur to an agency-leading CEO. In the early days of my business, everything rested on my shoulders. I had no team, a lot of thoughts around growing a team, and a full-on roster of clients. I wanted to be proactive but feared that my ability was going to slip out of my reach. Complete overwhelm was a just over the horizon and ironically, this is just the thing clients hire me for. Why is it that the cobbler’s kids have no shoes?!


The Virtual Office: Teamwork PM or Asana

Why do we need a virtual office? I know, I know! We’ve been over this a bunch of times but it’s still worth asking. Think back to the beginning of time, when the internet was young and email was amazing and instant. Now, it is annoying. I’m sorry, dear email, but it's true. The less time we spend together, the better.


(Case Study) Scaling your biz with Sarah Noked OBM: Case Study ft. Adam Lundquist

Online entrepreneurs are hustlers. You’re GOOD at what you do. Our mission? To help you scale it. For many, scaling brings upon feelings of pressure and frustration, but (here’s a secret) it doesn't have to! If you’re a creative entrepreneur who’s ready to scale their online biz to the next level, you KNOW you can achieve more success in your biz…with systems & a solid team!


(Opt-in Sequence) Where you want to be

This writing sample is similar to an opt-in sequence created for a client. The original sequence used basic copy to focus on conversion. Continuous themes and keywords are repeated throughout the process, creating familiarity and higher conversion. The opt-in was downloaded 327 times which was a 53% jump over the opt-in from the previous quarter.


Xpolog Website

Created and edited full website content. XpoLog is a data collecting software that helps website managers log errors and check secure website activity in real time.


Check My Contract Website

Created and edited full website content. Check My Contract is a website for people to quickly have employment, rental, and other contracts reviewed. Target niche: New immigrants to Israel.


Polymer Logistics Website

(In progress) Creating full website content. Polymer Logistics is a logistics and supply chain which creates products for the safe transport of perishable goods. Using industry insight and proprietary technology, they help reduce costs as well as reduce food waste.


METCO Engineering

(In progress) Creating a website, case studies, and proposal templates.




English content, written to excite customers and grow your business.

Company: My Lion

I worked there from 7/2017 until now

Online Business Manager

Handle overall strategy and implementation for multiple clients including systems creation, launch management, team management, content creation, and crafting each unique company image.

Company: Sarah Noked OBM

I worked there from 7/2018 until 3/2019

Content I Write