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About Me

I have always been an avid enthusiast for philosophy and literature, which I have the great opportunity to study in detail as my two majors in the University of Melbourne. I have an array of background knowledge including and not limited to history (the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution in particular), biology (I have read extensively on this in university textbooks), psychology and mathematics. As an all-rounder achiever , I am a keen learner and aim to explore all aspects of writing, including creative writing which I excel particularly at, having won prizes at competitions prior and had my work published several times.

Although there is a common opinion that literature and philosophy are not as relevant to the modern times, and rather a source of entertainment or a kind of 'old arts' no longer needed for explaining the world, I vehemently disagree. Through referencing literary works, we comprehend the true extent that the world evolves and the social progress that is made. So too does it allow us to extend our rhetoric to traditional story-telling, which has been programmed into our brains from our ancestral lineage. As for philosophy, it is this reasoning and speculation of the world that reason can be clarified and theories, developed- after all, all sciences involve philosophy to link theories to observations at some point.

While I do not have as much extensive experience in the form of articles, I believe that is precisely why I bring much to the table. Without having conformed to the rigid formats of conservative slabs of texts, I have the flexibility to shape clients' content into a form that is much more creative, and hence, engaging. I am currently taking courses in the Business Law, Finance and Creative writing as part of my degree which I believe will contribute greatly to both the breadth of my understanding of future given material and an inspiring imagination that would transform prospects into a handsome reality.

I am really looking forward to working in a team with so many other like-minded people, passionate about writing! I have much to learn, and I would love to partake in a journey where I can invest much of my time for this company. I am a first year student so I expect that there will be plenty of time for me to focus on this job.

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BA in Literature and Philosophy

Company: University of Melbourne

I worked there from 2/2019 until now

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