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Writer & Internet Entrepreneur | Business • Internet • E-commerce

About Me

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies and a Master’s Degree in Web Technologies, I am very well qualified to write about issues relating to the modern gig economy. Due to my academic background, I have a strong preference for writing well researched, evidence-based articles. Furthermore, my writing style often involves the initial introduction of a particular problem followed by a comprehensive analysis of possible solutions that will leave the reader feeling positive and optimistic.

My overarching goal as a writer is to create authoritative, compelling, and insightful content that enables brands to reach their target audience and improve the lives of those who read it. In particular, I am extremely excited about the ability of modern e-commerce systems to enable economic development to take place across the world. 

In short, the content we create will determine the extent to which the internet is used as a force for good.

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Article: E-commerce Fashion & International Development

E-commerce proliferation has grown exponentially over the last 20 years. Initially, most of the growth occurred in developed, Western economies. While certain developing countries, most notably China, have also benefited greatly from the growth of e-commerce trade, others lag behind. However, in recent times, economic data indicates that e-commerce adoption is reaching maturity in Western countries. Meanwhile, many developing countries are now embracing the opportunities for economic growth...


Article: Fair Trade Fashion

Sadly, human rights abuses continue to exist. With globalization, many workers in developing countries find themselves in very vulnerable situations. Far too often, those of us living in the privileged West must face the fact that many of our favorite consumer products are produced in less than humane circumstances. Quite frankly, for many people, it’s a source of great shame and frustration. To negate this wrong, the fair trade movement has become much more prominent as producers, led by...


Article: Fashion Solutions to Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is a big problem. Along with climate change, oceanic plastic pollution is seen by many as a prevailing crisis of our time. With more and more plastic entering our oceans, untold amounts of damage and suffering are inflicted upon innocent marine creatures. However, unlike climate change, the solutions to solving plastic pollution are relatively simple… we know what to do! While the fashion industry has played its part in contributing to the current crises, mainly through...



Internet Entrepreneur

Voguelle is an online store that sells fashion accessories. The goal of Voguelle is to allow artisan producers in emerging economies to sell their products alongside some of the worlds most recognizable fashion brands. On a personal level, this business provides wonderful hands-on experience. It involves every aspect of e-commerce from product sourcing to copywriting to social media engagement.

Company: Voguelle.com

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