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About Me

Writing and being creative are my passions.

I enjoy writing about life observations from my perspective.  As a Virgo, I'm inclined to be analytical and more to the point, so there can be a hint of straight forwardness.  Yet, this Virgo also knows when to let loose her sardonic wit or to be more good-natured.  I love to learn new things and I'm a voracious reader.  I've written on everything from - how to boil water properly, to how to invest in crypto-currency from a Canadian perspective... and everything else in-between.

By profession, I'm a Registered Nurse who works in critical care at a busy trauma center. I also work as a recovery nurse for a well-known plastic surgeon. Both are part-time jobs. So, I can always find time to come up with creative photo and video ideas. Then take those ideas and post to Instagram, Twitter and the many other social media accounts I help manage.

Fun Fact: I grew up in Toronto, was recruited and given a track scholarship to the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, and graduated as a two-time NCAA All-American.  I also left the Cornhusker state with a degree in Psychology and minor in English Language and Literature.

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My Writing Samples

How to Boil Water the Proper Way

It’s a common joke that boiling water is a cooking skill many people have never learned. So without further ado, let’s jump right in and learn this skill… shall we? Turn on your stove burner to the highest temperature. Usually, this is marked as “high”. Get a pot, and put some lukewarm water in it. Let’s say four cups of water, and place it on the burner. To heat water to the point of boiling on a stovetop, we heat the pot containing the water.


A Quick Start Guide to Buying and Trading Cryptocurrency for Canadians

There is a lot of information out there about cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins. JP Morgan even wrote a very detailed “Bitcoin Bible”. However, there is very little information on how to quickly start trading these coins on the blockchain for Canadians. There is plenty of information for the United States, Europe, Asia, and rest of the world that really does not apply to a Canadian investor.


The Best Way to Overcome the English Language Barrier in Hospital

It’s very important that non-English speaking patients have somebody readily available who will advocate for them in English. It’s also better if they have more than one person who would be available. The English speaking person has to be willing to stay in the hospital for the first 24 hours that the patient is hospitalized, and depending on the gravity of the situation they may have to stay for a longer time.


Bedside Visitor: All the Basics You Need to Know

Your loved one is in the hospital and whether you are visiting them for the first time or for the 10th time, bad visitor etiquette is a little known pet-peeve of nurses. Being a super bedside visitor involves educating and arming yourself with some knowledge about nursing bedside care routines.


10 SIMPLE STEPS to Reconnect With Your Significant Other

Would you like to take your relationship to the next level? Let’s face it all relationships go through many changes, but it doesn’t mean the relationship is not worth keeping. Without spending large sums of money on therapy, or reading volumes of relationship books, try these ideas:


Home Design on a Budget: Apply These 5 Tips

Home Design on a Budget: Apply These 5 Tips Thinking about Decorating your Home but you have a tight budget? Well here are 5 tips for Decorating your Home on a Budget. Beginning our home design journey let’s start in the bathroom! For The Bathroom: Have you heard of the Medical Shower? Well, now you have! The benefits of this shower are fantastic “as it functions as a regular shower head, yet takes care of the skin”.


Music In My Bones (The Need for A Beat)

Certain types of music has always been a necessary component in my life. This discovery began at eleven years of age. I was a Black child from the island of Trinidad growing up in a home where rock and roll played on the radio daily, but I didn’t share the same enthusiasm for the genre with my mother. When I first heard the song Rapper’s Delight in 1979, I was mesmerized and compelled to dance. Finally, music with a groovy beat, catchy vocals, and a contagious hook. This is the story of my life.



Social Media Coordinator

A Canadian one-stop shop with a lot of experience in the effective use of social media strategy.

Company: RED Brand Media

I worked there from 1/2012 until now


Freelance, next-level, copywriters for hire.

Company: Two Toronto Copywriters

I worked there from 2/2017 until now


A patient advocacy website designed to help patients and their caregivers navigate an increasingly complex health care system.

Company: Expert RN's

I worked there from 8/2018 until now

Creative Director

Oversee the posting of all visual and printed copy for this Toronto foodie pioneer.

Company: Chow Hound GTA

I worked there from 3/2009 until now

Content I Write