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About Me

I get it, you don't know me from Adam, I am just one of the many random faces on the internet. That is why I make it my second most important goal to get to know who you are, what your business does and what it needs from me. Why the second I hear you ask? Because my first goal is to always put myself in the shoes of your customers, understand their needs, their desires and how we can help them.

I honestly believe, hand on heart, the best and most engaging copy should be fun, exciting, and even ever so slightly humorous. It doesn't matter if it's a corporate business plan or a one-liner in Playboy, no one ever really wants to read anything that's as dull as dishwater, and riddled with spelling mistakes and painful similes.

That is why I have worked with clients as diverse as Realpage, Harvest Credit Management, GpExperiences and even Formula 1.

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My Writing Samples

Barcelona of the Beaten Track - Stasher

The brief for this was to write a 1000+ SEO engaging post to drive traffic to their newly released Barcelona services.


24 Hours of Le Mans - GPExperiences

The brief for this was to write the product descriptions for a new product on the GPExperiences website. I was to keep entertaining and light, but combine a premium feel into the writing.


The Rise of The Solo Travller

The brief for this was to write content to assist vacation rental companies in capturing that all important solo travel market share. This also helped to boost the SEO value of the website.



Content Marketing Specialist

Mainly employed in the F1 division of the Platinium Group, my duties and content related tasks included: - Devising, writing and implementing new content for the F1 weekly newsletters, helping to increase the CTR by over 20%. - Overseeing the F1 & Gootickets online store, writing new SEO friendly product descriptions, uploading new content and keeping all relative content up-to date. - Working with the senior management team on the development of future marketing strategies.

Company: PG/Formula 1, Spain

I worked there from 8/2018 until now

Marketing Associate,

After proving my skills in business development I was quickly promoted to the marketing department where my key areas of achievements and responsibilities were. - Increased awareness of the Kigo brand among our target market, by writing, producing and directing, short entertaining marketing videos. Including youtube ad videos. - Produced copy for the Kigo blog, and took control of harmonising content across all social media channels, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn etc

Company: Realpage, Barcelona

I worked there from 2/2015 until 7/2016

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