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Marketing Execution Strategist and Copywriter for founder-led B2Bs and Startups

About Me

Delight your customers with effective marketing strategy, funnels, and copy with the REACH Visibility Trajectory™. 

Delighting your customers is your ultimate goal. When they're happy, they come back and send you referrals.

And, since you offer the best solution while delivering exceptional value, excellent service, and unparalleled quality to your customers, it's time to show off what sets you apart. 

As a leader in your industry, you need to stand out — and the key is working with a B2B copywriter who can dig deep into your customers' needs (aka the real-world problems that keep them up at night) to develop messaging that positions you as the best possible solution.

And that's the story that I help you develop and tell consistent across everywhere you show up:

The method to this madness? My REACH Visibility Trajectory™, a flexible framework for developing a messaging platform, website copy, and a 90-day marketing strategy to build authority and brand recognition that sets you apart and delights your audience. 

People partner with me to bridge complex concepts with language that makes sense, shows empathy, and creates demand as soon as your prospects discover you. 

Part B2B copywriter, part marketing strategist, I believe that visibility is the key to sales. Drawing on more than 15 years of marketing + communications, I've developed the REACH Visibility Trajectory to help successful service-based businesses and SaaS companies, just like yours, turn their stories and successes into B2B marketing magic, including:

👉 Developing exceptional values-driven brand messaging that positions you as an authority.
👉 Creating powerful website copy that connects with your audience.
👉 Designing and writing a tailor-made funnel to deepen your market share by engaging your current audience and nurturing new prospects.

Ready for a conversation? Schedule one at erinpennings.com/consult or email hello@erinpennings.com.

Want to see what people are saying about me? Go to erinpennings.com/testimonials.

For writing samples, visit erinpennings.com/samples

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Powerful Ideas Every Business Should Learn from SaaS in 2019

SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service, is one of the hottest trends in the business world. It shouldn't come as a surprise as our world becomes increasingly digital. Not only has SaaS taken the world by storm, but it also shows no signs of letting up. SaaS companies are touching nearly every industry and the way we do business. If you use a computer in your company, you should be in the loop. SaaS is revolutionizing the way we do business, spend our money, and interact with one another.


The 13 Best Free Productivity Apps

Staying organized is the name of the game when it comes to being successful. And while it seems like the world is always getting crazier, the productivity apps out there are keeping up with the demand. But there are literally hundreds of options, which makes it hard to figure out what is best. Personal preference and personal style definitely play into it. But in the end, there are some really great apps out there that you can use to boost your productivity. Here are the top 13!


9 Ways to Grow Your Business During a Social Media Outage

With recent social media outages on Facebook and Instagram, it highlights the importance of expanding how you network. It can be devastating to limit yourself to a single network. What happens if it goes away or crashes and you lose key information. Who you know is just as important with how you connect. And you should always have a backup plan. But what happens when an outage catches you off guard?


The Secret Superpowers of Testimonials

We all know that testimonials give you credibility. And in this world, that’s something incredibly powerful. But credibility isn’t the only superpower of testimonials. In fact, there are two secret superpowers that you’ll love.


How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome as a Solopreneur

Imposter Syndrome affects almost everyone at some point in their career. And sometimes it comes and goes. As a solopreneur or an entrepreneur, it can be especially hard to overcome Imposter Syndrome since you work primarily on your own. It’s super easy to go down the rabbit hole of questioning yourself, your knowledge, and what you bring to the table. There’s good news though — you can get past Imposter Syndrome and find success.


8 Excuses Women Should Stop Making About Getting Active

There are so many things that women are good at. We take on the emotional burden of keeping things going for our families. And as a result, while we put everyone else’s needs first, so often, we neglect ourselves. Worse yet, we justify it and make excuses about why we don’t prioritize ourselves and our health. So I’m featuring the top excuses women make when it comes to our health, and more importantly how we can reframe them to make ourselves a priority.


9 Ways Busy Moms Can Make Time for Self-Care

Self-care is one of the latest buzzwords, and with good reason. In 2019 we’re super lucky to be at a point where people understand that the better we care for ourselves, the better we are for society. As parents, as moms especially, we must make the time to take care of ourselves to be better parents, but also to model the behavior for our kids. Here are 9 potentially surprising ways to practice self-care as a mom.


Stop Apologizing Already: How to Break the “I’m Sorry” Cycle

There’s a meme circulating that talks about saying “thank you” instead of “I’m sorry.” And I think it’s important for everyone to see. Yes, it’s important to know the art of a good apology, but there’s also such a thing as over-apologizing. It’s something that women in particular are guilty of. So stop apologizing already. (And don’t respond to that with “I’m sorry.”)


How to Handle Digital Ghosting in the Office

Ghosting isn’t limited to the dating world. In a world that’s increasingly digital, ghosting can happen even within office culture, particularly when it comes to emails. So if you’re getting very little response to your emails, there are some communications techniques you can start practicing so that your colleagues start replying and you can get your productivity back on track.



Copywriter & Marketing Execution Strategist

I specialize in helping my clients find their voice, polish + distill their message, and then combine them to create a strategy for connecting with the target audience. Together we identify audience problems and develop solutions with concise, engaging, and memorable copy. Then, we build a powerful strategy that fuels marketing efforts using my REACH Visibility Trajectory™ a framework that blends research, strategy, and effective copy to delight your audience/

Company: CopySnacks, LLC

I worked there from 1/2019 until now

Marketing Contractor

As a marketing contractor I offer digital marketing services that include: contract-based project management, email marketing management and development, social/digital image creation, publicity pitching, copywriting, website and blog management

Company: self-employed

I worked there from 9/2015 until now

Programs & Projects Manager / Marketing Manager

I managed corporate programs for a privately held international group tour corporation that included: multi-platform marketing to multiple audiences, development and management of two annual publications, meeting & event planning for 4 offsite meetings in different states each year, management of corporate & retail websites, management and hosting of weekly travel webinar, press release writing & management fam tour management, managing marketing & promo materials for annual convention,

Company: Travel Alliance Partners

I worked there from 1/2011 until 3/2015

Client Services Manager

Planned scheduled, and managed internal & external traffic for client projects, Proofread a wide variety of reports, publications, ads, and collateral materials for consistency & accuracy, Developed systems and practices for greater efficiency, Held campaign strategy meetings Managed invoicing and project billing

Company: Axio Design

I worked there from 8/2008 until 12/2010

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