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Copywriter & Copyeditor

About Me

Hi there! My name is Carter Kilmann, and I’m a copywriter and copyeditor for hire. Services I offer include blogging, website content writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, and editing. 

I was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. I went SUPER far from home and attended the University of South Carolina, a whopping 12-miles away. After I graduated with degrees in finance and marketing, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

For the last few years, I've been working in investment banking as an underwriter and portfolio manager. Although I can't share any of my work product from this role, I can promise you that it entails creative approaches to explaining intricate concepts. I put together lengthy memos (between 50-100 pages each) that cover every aspect of a company and why we should lend to them. This writing is highly technical - but also necessitates qualifying language to simplify the message for the reader, who is less-versed on the transaction. It requires excessive due diligence and attention to detail. Every single word, number, chart, and idea is scrutinized by a series of executives. It's an airtight process.

Working in banking encouraged me to take charge of my own finances. It seemed hypocritical not to be, how could I work in finance and be financially irresponsible? Once I got my financials in order (budgeting, saving, investing, etc.), I started to realize that so many of my friends and coworkers were/are financially illiterate - at least when it comes to personal finance. A lot of them don't even know how much money they earn or spend each month - just that they're getting by and paying the bills. This floored me. 

At that point, I started looking into freelance writing and blogging in the personal finance space to educate and guide others to make better financial decisions. Ever since then, I've been freelance writing part-time, covering topics such as saving, investing, credit cards, side jobs, and budgeting.

I also am a diehard sports fan - mostly college sports and the NFL (Go Pack Go).  Being a lifelong Gamecock has been a journey full of far more downs than ups, but I can't help but love the school/teams.  I enjoy anything competitive - sports, bar games, card games, rock-paper-scissors, you name it. 

Dogs are pretty cool too.

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My Writing Samples

What is a REIT and How Can it Make You Money?

Have you ever been curious about investing in real estate? Or maybe you’re interested in diversifying your portfolio? This is a common curiosity amongst investors. However, traditional real estate is difficult to invest in – and difficult to cash out of once you’re invested. But you don’t have to put up colossal amounts of cash to get into the real estate game.


7 Signs You're on Your Way to Financial Freedom

Do you yearn for the flexibility to do what you want, when you want? Do you want autonomy over your schedule – like being able to travel on a whim? Have you ever dreamed of being stress-free?


Why mindful spending is better than budgeting

Do you have trouble sticking to your budget? Or even making one to begin with? Then it's time to learn about mindful spending.


How to Exponentially Grow Your Wealth: Side Jobs

Do you want to be wealthier? The key to wealth isn’t your primary source of income, it’s the growth of secondary income through side jobs.


Everything you need to reach financial stability

We all want more money. We all want financial stability. Who wouldn’t? But does money and investing stress you out? I'll outline the steps to relieving financial stress and getting you one step closer to financial stability.


Why financial literacy will improve your life

Wouldn't it be relieving to be in complete control of your finances? Financial literacy is a skillset that bridges the gap between you and financial stability. It opens doors to opportunities and cuts the binds of financial stress. It’s the knowledge you need to employ money to work for you, rather than you work for money. I'll teach you how to develop this skill.


How to Build Your Financial Foundation

“Can I afford that?” If you’ve ever asked yourself this question and not been sure of the answer, it’s time to establish your financial foundation.


How to get the most out of your bank accounts

Bank accounts aren’t sexy. They aren’t attention-grabbing. They don’t come up in discussion at parties. At least they shouldn’t, because that sounds like an awkward party.


How to tell you need a new job

Have you ever been frustrated by your job or wondered if you're better suited for something else? You're not alone.


How Tragedy Can Make or Break Your Life

Tragedy puts you at a decisive crossroads.


How to leave your job better than you found it

Are you transitioning out of your company? Do you want to leave a lasting impression on your manager/coworkers? Check out this “how-to” guide that outlines exactly what to do.



Origination & Portfolio Management

Negotiate terms of and underwrite corporate transactions within the Sports & Entertainment space. Manage a portfolio of 45 companies across the following industries: sports, music, film, television, live entertainment, and talent agencies. Craft extensive memos and whitepapers with in-depth analysis of these companies.

Company: SunTrust Robinson Humphrey

I worked there from 7/2016 until now

Freelance Writer

Contribute to financial-focused websites, as well as my own personal finance blog. Experience with whitepapers, blogs, articles, website copy, editing, and reviews.

Company: Carterkilmann.com

I worked there from 10/2017 until now

Content I Write