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About Me

I've always had an interest in writing, even at school, and English was one of my favourite subjects.

After completing a career in the Royal Air Force, I moved to France and began writing content for websites. This continued when I moved to Malta in 2011, and since moving to Cyprus in 2017, writing has become my career path!

I now write articles and blogs on a range of subjects, from product reviews to financial information and almost anything in between!

In my spare time, I enjoy sailing, skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, and playing music.

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Real Estate

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Health & Wellness

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Guide2Malta was an information website for the islands of Malta and Gozo. I produced a range of content from news items, event listings, places to visit, and current affairs.

Company: Guide2Malta

I worked there from 11/2011 until 7/2017


Guide2MidiPyrenees was an information website as part of the family of sites under the Guide2TheWorld banner. The content I wrote for the site was the same as Guide2Malta, with news, events, ad places to visit.

Company: Guide2MidiPyrenees

I worked there from 2/2009 until 7/2017


Aardvarkwebs is my business in Cyprus. We provide a range of digital services, from WordPress development to SEO, and content writing. My content writing experience has varied from day to day but has included financial information articles for a Fintech bank, to motorcycle product reviews and almost anything in between.

Company: Aardvarkwebs

I worked there from 7/2017 until now

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