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About Me

My name is Sharon. I am a technical and business communications writer & editor with a passion for improving user experiences, and for helping professionals and organizations grow their businesses, maintain regulatory compliance, engage employees, and improve performance. 

For the past 20+ years I have written policies and procedures, user documentation, white papers, employee handbooks and reports for various industries and audiences of all levels. I am highly skilled with interviewing subject matter experts, managing multiple moving parts under strict deadlines, and writing in a voice that translates complex information into easy to digest, actionable content.  

I am a fast learner, highly adept at observing processes and systems to clearly capture information. I am well versed in the documentation style requirements for standardization and regulatory compliance. Ultimately, I see my work as an opportunity to help people enjoy products or do their jobs better, which is a great responsibility that I take very seriously and one that I enjoy.

My writing style is conversational and approachable, yet authoritative. I write content that teaches, encourages, and compels readers to take action. I am a research lover, and bring my own passion for learning and sharing to whatever I write.

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My Writing Samples

Taking the Mystery Out of Lean Agile Portfolio Management

This blog for companies new to Agile was focused on taking the fear out of the idea of Lean Agile portfolio management methodology, while promoting a webinar on the subject, sponsored by Targetprocess software.


How to Work Maternity Leave Into Your Long-Term Projects

This piece was targeted to Project Managers who are facing the challenge of managing long-term projects when losing a resource during parental leave. The piece addressed legal, corporate, and managerial approaches and provided resource management tools and options.


Adaptogens: The Natural Tend In Stress Management

This long-form article dove into the world of adaptogens, or plant-based stress management treatments. The piece looked at some of the lesser-known plants, and explored the history of adaptogens in the US and Asia.



Senior Technical Writer

Company: Recall Information Management

I worked there from 10/2007 until 2/2015

Independent Technical Communications Specialist

Company: SharonDWriter

I worked there from 2/2015 until now

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