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About Me

I completed the Jacob Javits Law Academy certificate program in 2008 and received my Bachelor's and NYS teaching license in 2012. I am experienced in taking any topic, researching information from multiple sources, and then presenting the subject in an interesting way that others can understand.

I am a language and travel enthusiast with a love of fast Internet. My mantra is, "May your coffee be strong, your lashes be long, and your Mondays be short."

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My Writing Samples

Your guide to the top job interview questions for 2019.

Develop the ultimate guide to tackle the top job interview questions candidates will encounter in 2019.


How to Ace Cultural Interview Questions

Write a how-to guide to demonstrate a candidate fits right into a prospective employer's company's culture.


How To Write The Best Interview Thank You Email (With Sample Template)

Write a how-to guide on devising and wording the best post-interview thank you email.



Content Writer

I write research-intensive articles for a Singaporean website on a variety of topics such as finances, travel, and lifestyle. My articles must be well-researched, accurate, and relatable to the Singaporean reader.

Company: モフモ (mofumo)

I worked there from /2019 until now

SEO Content Writer

I write blog posts for the Interview School using SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant to optimize the content writing process. Afterward, I use Wordpress’ Yoast SEO plugin to finalize the keyword analysis.

Company: Interview School

I worked there from /2019 until now

Ghost Writer

I write for an A-Z Mortgage Dictionary. I research and define real estate terms as well as explain mortgage topics geared toward a general audience.


I worked there from /2019 until now

Content I Write