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About Me

My name is Carlos Marin. I have BS in Biological and Physical Sciences from University of Houston-Downtown. I have background working as in research and biological lab testing. I assisted with writing workbook documentation for the assays that I worked and performing research and report writing.

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Science & Medicine


My Writing Samples

Comet Assay

The Comet assay is a highly versatile and adaptable assay, capable of giving information about the different kinds of damage present in a cell's DNA, and about the cell's ability to repair the damage. The comet assay has been used as tool for identifying a biologically effective dose, effect and individual susceptibility.


Enzyme Kinetics of Alkaline Phosphatase

The kinetics of e. coli Alkaline phosphatase (AP) was studied at different pH’s using p-nitrophenyl phosphate (PNPP). Alkaline Phosphatases are the phosphate hydrolases that have relatively high pH. PNPP is an unnatural, chemically synthesized compound which is hydrolyzed by AP to form inorganic phosphate and p-nitrophenol(PNP).



Associate Scientist

• Perform safety testing on pharmaceutical drug compounds and materials via Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis assay. • Provide support by assisting in collection and processing of tissues, electrophoresis and scoring of slides, and performing statistical and data analysis. • Conducted lab work in accordance with Good Laboratory practices (GLP), SOPs guidelines, and protocols. • Perform QA/QC review of laboratory documentation to ensure error free reports.

Company: BioReliance

I worked there from 8/2018 until 4/2019

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