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Tech and Industrial Equipment Writer

About Me

Full-time sysadmin, all-time tech writer. I cover consumer tech news, engineering breakthroughs, technology in gaming, and the ever-frightening world of cybersec.

Outside of news and opinion pieces, I write web copy and blog entries for tech businesses. Managed IT services, web hosts, repair teams, or any tech business looking for clients needs a way to reach total newbies and industry professionals at the same time, and I bridge that gap.

When I'm not writing about tech, I'm telling myself to finish writing my growing pile of fantasy, sci-fi, cyberpunk, and all flavors of other stories that I shelve as soon as an order pops up.

One of these days.

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My Writing Samples

Build Your IT Department Without Starting From Scratch

To make business-level IT equipment and services deliver useful results, you need trained personnel. Even if you’re handling the tech yourself, you’re either going to take time away from the business to learn how certain techniques work or fall behind. It all comes at a cost. Beyond paying salary or buying systems, you need to think about the operating costs and whether you’re getting a decent return on investment (ROI) from your decisions.


Visual Novel Examples, Sales, And Reach

The original Fate/Stay Night became the highest selling visual novel in 2004, and sold 400,000 copies. A Playstation release of the game in 2007 sold for $184,558, and many more renditions followed. In total, 751,488 copies of the visual novel have been sold. As of 2013, the Fate/Stay Night game franchise has grossed $1.106 billion, or $1.43 billion with inflation. The visual novel has multiple story paths and endings, and a few of these story paths have become anime series.


Insult To Injury: How Personal Injury Costs Hurt Beyond The Body

Personal injury claims are filed to cover significant medical costs related to getting hurt. These claims cover slip and falls at restaurants, workplace injuries, medical malpractice, car accidents, and even assault. The physical pain is just part of the problem; if you live in the United States, you could put a child through college with the money spent on an uninsured injury. For both the victim and the alleged guilty party, there’s a lot at stake when money enters the picture.


Storm Preparation For Tech Businesses

Hurricane Florence made headlines across the United States because of both its devastation and the preparedness of the locals affected by the storm. Even weeks after the storm devastated parts of North Carolina, flooding still grips parts of the East Coast and has disrupted businesses to varying degrees. In some industries, getting back to work means doing things the old fashioned, manual way. But what if your business runs on now severed communications and disconnected data?


Ryzen Is About Price, Not Loyalty

Intel is great. It’s the clear victor when it comes to top speeds, and if you’ve got the money, you can run so many versions of the same game at once while keeping as many tabs open as you want. That means nothing to a gamer who just wants to game. For that reason, Ryzen chips are the basis of budget gaming computers in 2018. Ryzen is the latest generation of processors from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), ending years of lagging a generation behind the i5 and i7 processors.


Artificial Intelligence Risks: Promises and Dangers in the Details

Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) improve technology far beyond humanity's capabilities? Is the answer to higher quality, higher productivity, compliance, and security in the code of AI systems? Not entirely. Like emerging technologies, the seduction of new and powerful techniques can amaze and excite most people. There's an equal chance of becoming extremely comfortable or extremely put off at the idea of technology that can handle what humans can't--or no longer want to--accomplish quickly.


High Fantasy Pirate writing prompt

Begin the story with an infamous thief standing off with a group of standard guards. The king who owns the nearby castle and runs the nearby city encounters the standoff, and tells the guards to calmly stand down. The king bombastically and jokingly tells the thief to disrobe herself, revealing her tattoo and status as a great treasure hunter and pirate. The king removes his own top clothing to reveal a similar tattoo, branding him as one of her lackeys.


What Are Multiwall Paper Bags?

Paper bag options are available for pet food, seed, minerals, chemicals, yard waste, and many other applications. These aren’t your flimsy grocery or basic yard clipping bags; the multiwall feature means so much more. Enhanced structure and better protection are two major benefits of multiwall paper sacks. Standard brown paper bags—even the stiffer bags used for lawn care or groceries—can easily burst when filled at high, fast volumes.



Information Systems Technician

7th Fleet AOR: • Systems Operator for TSCOMM communications center with VHF, UHF, SHF, EHF and SATCOM systems, responsible for establishing and maintaining communication circuits and network monitoring. • Maintained scheduled backups and basic repairs of backup tape/disk equipment. • Scheduled maintenance of signal and networking equipment. • Cross training with CTF57/75 Network Operations for use of WhatsUpGold suite, Veritas backup and Cisco switch/router configurations.

Company: US Navy

I worked there from 6/2003 until 12/2008

IT Consultant

• Inbound Tier 2/3 technical support via AgeoTech contracting with a variety of partner companies including Geek Squad, Radio Shack and Trend Micro. • Building custom Windows and multiplatform Linux desktops for business, personal and infrastructure use with quality, affordable parts. Consulting for pre-built systems if needed. • Experience with small business rollout projects, basic cost-benefit analysis and troubleshooting for over 3,000 clients. • Staffing company restack and helpdesk.

Company: Independent Contractor

I worked there from 1/2009 until now

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