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Sensory Blog Post Writer-Adding Oomph to Your Online Marketing

About Me

I am all about writing with nourishing words that impact the readers cravings for healing and transformation. Yes! my style can get a little saucy, but creating positive changes in people requires sensory words that affects clients emotions. You want relationships with your prospects that drive enormous sales, illuminating social shares and a steady rhythm of page views. Writing for my niche of Chronic Pain has to cultivate compassion, yet be emotionally intelligent to be an authentic voice that breaks barriers and recharges your clients view about their condition. I'm not just a writer but a transformational writer that takes bland type to enchanting results. 

I have a sunny demeanor that is easy to work with and open to long term relationships that are a win-win. I love balanced deadlines- they add to my creative life. I step fully into your project with bliss, including responding promptly to emails and phone calls. I'm a graduate of Full Sail University in SEO/Marketing/Creative Writing and a combobulation of other trainings, education and workshops. 

There's a growing awareness that Fibromyalgia/ChronicPain can involve alternative remedies for management of the condition. I teach, eat, write and live in the Fibromyalgia Universe. Creating powerful and insightful articles, blog posts, e-books, etc.. within this niche is my transformational journey that benefits the Fibromyalgia community and the connected world. 

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Fibromyalgia Relief Through Knitting

Managing chronic pain through Knitting. The "How to" of training your brain to perceive chronic pain in a different way.


Imperfect Steps For A Fibrofemaile

How a women of Fibromyalgia is seen. Awareness of the experiences of being a women and dealing with Fibromyalgia.



Content Writer

Created content for websites and B2B. A Write articles and short blog posts for SEO purposes. Topics ranged from Mens underwear to Alpacas.

Company: Wordgigs

I worked there from / until /


Create content for a Fibromyalgia blog, social media accounts and speak at trade venues. This blog is about women unraveling the toxins that create Fibromyalgia through creative art expression.

Company: Fibrofarmhouse

I worked there from / until now

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