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About Me

I write to change minds. I love researching and showing what the research says on topics relating to parenting, mental health, the ketogenic diet, and women's health. I want to educate and help others through words.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

A Leading Cause in Infertility, Yet Barely Discussed

An article discussing PCOS, the unspoken leading cause of infertility.


Baby Crying to Sleep Does Not Hurt Them

A researched article I wrote about the controversial topic of sleep training babies and children.


Anti-Vaccine Parents are Ignorant

A rant-like article where I discuss the flawed mentality of anti-vaccine parents.


My Five Years of Medical Self Discovery

A blog post I wrote about my five years of getting diagnosed over and over again. I end the post telling others to get medically checked out if you have a problem.


The Ketogenic Diet May Do More Than Shed Pounds

An article I wrote and posted as a blog post about the ketogenic diet and what other perks it possibly has rather than just a quick weight loss diet.



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