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Writing About Information Technology, Leisure & Travel, and Marketing & Advertising

About Me

Hello. I have been a freelance marketing & content writer for over 25 years, working as a hired gun for ad agencies and companies directly.

During my career I have developed concepts and written content for both B2C and B2B clients, producing strategically-based blog posts, articles, website copy and marketing materials that engage the target audience, deliver the key message and capture the essence of the client's brand.

Client Experience

Some of the clients I have worked for in the past include:

Information Technology: Intuit, Microsoft, Citrix, AMD, Quadient, Bell Canada, Rogers

Travel: Canada Tourism Commission, Ontario Tourism, Niagara Falls Tourism, Fairmont Hotels

As someone who has worked in the marketing profession for over two decades, I also advise on and write about: SEO, how to rank on Google, social media planning and strategy, UX, website development, content strategy and development, and branding.

A Note About Pricing

For each assignment, I adjust my price based on what type of content is requested, the length of the assignment, whether research is required or not, and the amount of work involved. 

Draw on my proven experience to assist you with your next content initiative. Thank you for considering me for your next project. I look forward to discussing it with you.

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My Writing Samples

Blog Post: Insurers Can See the Future. So What's Holding Up the Party?

Insurers are still playing catch-up with the needs and expectations of today’s digital savvy customers. This blog post explores some of the reasons why.


Blog Post: Don’t Throw All Your Eggs into the Digital Basket: Employ A Hybrid Approach

It's not just digital experiences that customers want. This blog post explains why a hybrid approach to CX is a wise decision.


Blog Post: Solving the Mystery: How to Overcome the Challenges of Implementing a Great CX Strategy

84% of Customer Experience (CX) pros said that their insurance firms place CX as a higher priority than two years ago. But the reality is, according to customers, their CX experience is still not there yet. This blog post delves into some of the reasons why.


Blog Post: The Sweet Spots to Successful UX

This blog post highlights the three key elements the UX design process must incorporate in order to reduce development time and enhance ROI.


Blog Post: Why UX design equals greater ROI

For those who question the value of UX, this blog post was written to remove that doubt.


Blog Post: The Biggest Keyword SEO Mistake Most Companies Make

This blog post reveals what many companies do wrong when it comes to determining the keywords their website should target and how what they're doing can have a negative impact on their rankings in the Google search results.


Blog Post: The Quickest, Simplest Way to Rank High on Google

If your a company that is targeting a local market, one of the simplest ways to rank well in the Google search results is by setting up a Google My Business page. This blog post walks the reader through how to set one up.


Blog Post: What Every Social Media Plan Should Start With

It's common for companies to get caught up in the hype and dive into setting up social media channels and posting. But before they do, they should have a content marketing plan. This blog posts explains the steps to creating one.


Blog Post: True Confessions of a Creative Director: Personas are My Crack Cocaine

There are many reasons why reviewing a persona should be the initial step of the video development process. This blog post highlights the reasons why.


Blog Post: Free, Cheap & Fun Things to Do in Chicago

Recommendations and insider scoops (including some suggestions not found on other travel websites) on how to make a visit to Chicago, unforgettable.


Blog Post: Moose Watching in Algonquin Park (North of Toronto)

For most animal lovers, wanting to see a moose is in their top ten. This blog post allows them to cross it off their bucket list by explaining everything they need to know to see a moose in Algonquin Park in the spring.


Blog Post: Bus Tour Review: Big Bus San Fransico Hop On Hop Off

Taking a bus tour is a great way to get your bearings when visiting a new city. This blog post explains why the Big Bus Tour in San Francisco is an excellent choice for getting familiar with the City by the Bay.


Website: Mibusoft

Website developed for a Microsoft re-seller operating in the ERP space. Responsibililtes included: Content Research & Writing, Keyword Research and On-page SEO.


Website: Word Key Translations

Developed for a multi-language translation company. Responsibilities included: Content Research & Writing, Keyword Research and On-page SEO.


Website: Bluffers Park Marina

Developed to promote Toronto's only full-service Marina. Responsibilities included: Content Writing, Keyword Research and On-page SEO.



Lead Marketer & Writer

For over two decades I have owned and operated my own marketing writing consultancy business. I work directly with companies, as well as ad agencies and digital shops.

Company: Tap-In Marketing

I worked there from 4/1996 until now

Content I Write