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About Me

What makes a great book, play, or movie? Exactly the same thing that makes a good speech or a great written article – a great story!

BECAUSE long after we’ve forgotten the specific details, we still remember the stories and the messages that touched us.

As a professional storyteller, I bring compelling content and great delivery together for groups and organizations that want their message heard and REMEMBERED.

For 40 years I have worked in “hands-on” situations across multiple industries as a “troubleshooter”, tasked with the responsibility of getting things “back on track”.

Fortunately, I apparently was born with this gene.  In, my youth, I learned that the best way to figure out how something worked, was to take it apart and put it back together. (Fortunately, I was blessed with VERY understanding parents).

In 1962, I built (from scratch) my first analog computer.  It piqued my interest in technology, which remains a lifelong passion.  How could I have known then that technology would be present in every aspect of our lives?  So for the past 40 years of my career, I have helped organizations understand and reap the benefits of how to make new technologies work better for them.

My odyssey has taken me on a varied and amazing landscape of several industries, including manufacturing, mining, oil & gas exploration and development, telecommunications, healthcare, transportation, and construction.  The people, places, and things I’ve explored live in my imagination in High Definition.

For example, I can write about mining because I’ve worked in hands-on situations in deep mines, quarries, and strip mines.  Want to hear what it’s like to work 1500 feet down in a longwall coal mine, waiting for the roof of the mine to come crashing down at any minute?

It’s been the same experience for the other industries in which I’ve worked.  Regardless of business context, my writings provide a vivid expression of life itself into a powerful, clearer, and highly memorable experience for the reader.

Are your readers looking for pieces where the article setting, plot, characters, conflicts, point of view, theme, and tone are important?  

Are you looking for a writer who can meet deadlines, work in multiple project formats, deliver quality, interview others professionally, explain complexities in simple terms?

If so, I feel we can work well together.

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Are Architects Still Relevant?

Discussion of the relevance of Architects in the face of a changing industry


The Death of Customer Loyalty

A feature article published in "Building Profits" magazine regarding regarding the economics of Customer Loyalty and Retention


The Death of Employee Loyalty

A feature article published in "Building Profits" magazine regarding regarding the economics of Employee Loyalty and Turnover


Keys To Successful Management Of The Four Generations In Today’s Engineering Workforce

2008 Whitepaper describing the issues relating to workforce development in the U.S. Rail transportation industry


IoT Propels Next Revolution: Are You Ready?

2016 Article on preparedness for the Internet of Things (IoT)




Created and operate a internet portal (B2B2C)

Company: YourLifeArchive Inc

I worked there from 5/2011 until now

Ministry coordinator

Provide retreats and workshops for a large multi-cultural organization

Company: Diocese of St. Petersburg FL

I worked there from 7/2003 until 12/2018

Construction Manager

Plan, direct, coordinate, or budget, through architects, engineers and contractors personnel, all activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of Class A Commercial property. Projects involving all structures, facilities, and building and support systems. Participate in the conceptual development of all new construction and major renovation projects and oversee their organization, scheduling, and implementation, from initial concept through close-out.

Company: St. Paul Catholic Church

I worked there from 7/2014 until 12/2018


Provide research and analysis in the A/E/C industry of critical issues impacting the profession - Conduct sponsored research and write related reports, - Draft thought leadership whitepapers published by RedVector and professional organizations, - Speak at Industry conferences and forums, - Suggest ideas for future industry research studies.

Company: RedVector

I worked there from 6/2005 until 9/2009


Provided guidance and counsel to organizations preparing for access to capital

Company: RSViP Inc.

I worked there from 3/2003 until 7/2005

General Manager

For this construction industry focused division of a large Public company, I realigned and consolidated 5 acquisitions with 7 competing product lines resulting changes improved business unit EBITDA to 33% in less than 2 years

Company: GEAC AEC Business Solutions

I worked there from 1/2000 until 3/2003

Managing Director

Overseeing an annual P&L of approx $20m my business unit developed and deployed complex operating systems (middleware) powering network and management functions of Fortune 50 telecommunication companies .

Company: Titan Client/Server Technologies

I worked there from 9/1994 until 9/1996

Global Director

After AT&T and Bell Labs (Bellcore) was the preferred provider of OSS software technology to the largest wireline and wireless telephone carriers. My teams developed the foundation software and facilities enabling the launch of NEXTEL

Company: CSC Consulting

I worked there from 3/1987 until 8/1994

Senior Associate / Group Leader

Provide high-level management consulting, analysis and enterprise wide engineering services to agencies of the Federal Government and Commercial entities

Company: Booz-Allen & Hamilton

I worked there from 3/1984 until 9/1987

Member of the exploratory Committee

...there wasn't much. Only 13.5 miles of double ribbons of rusty rail; not good enough for ConRail to use, and buried beneath the brush and fallen trees. In 1982, two groups were planning to purchase the track, one for recreational use and the other to continue the freight connection for Titusville industry. Helped (1983), form the Oil Creek Railway Historical Society that in 1986 purchased the track, buildings and real estate. Today, the OC&T is a profitable line with over 750,000 passengers.

Company: Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad (OCT)

I worked there from 1/1982 until 6/1986

Technical Services Manager

For this major (+$1bn) manufacturer of underground coal mining machinery, I led the projects that instituted CAD/CAM/CAE, robotics, automated warehousing

Company: Joy Machinery Company

I worked there from 8/1977 until 5/1982

Content I Write