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Editor-writer delivering your message, your way

About Me

For three decades, I’ve written and edited content, including longer essays, shorter blogs, and headlines, on a plethora of topics, including news, many kinds of business, general audience features and sports. I’ve also written marketing collateral — including press releases, web copy and essays. I’m flexible and versatile able to tailor work to audiences and adapt to brand voices. And because I’ve been in journalism, I’m well trained at hitting deadline. Examples of my work are at copyjockey.biz

Industries I Write About


Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

Weaving the way toward collective peace

Celine Mudahakana has spent years using weaving skills to benefit impoverished women in her native Rwanda. Now, she is using those passions for weaving and social justice to propel women toward better futures.


"Word Crimes": Thumbs up and thumbs down from the word community

“Weird Al” Yankovic “Word Crimes” video went viral, attracting the attention millions of writers and language watchers, professional and amateur. But people in the writing and editing community weren’t sure the singer’s points were constructive.


Treadmill desks may help get office workers moving

A growing body of research suggests that sitting for long periods can contribute to health problems, even if you hit the gym before or after. Treadmill desks may help get office workers moving and diminish the risk.



Digital desk editor

• Edited 12-15 stories per shift for reporting completeness, accuracy, clarity, style and spelling. • Packaged stories with photos, photo galleries, videos and other elements. • Created simple videos (Wochit) and infographics (Infogram). • Updated digital page fronts and promoted stories on social media.

Company: Arizona Republic

I worked there from 3/2018 until 1/2019

Assistant city editor

• Edited five to eight stories and many breaking-news briefs per shift. • Co-supervised team of four breaking-news reporters and interns. • Guided city desk writers through story conception, reporting, composition and revision. • Reported and wrote stories. • Maintained and revised 100-page plus house in-house stylebook.

Company: Las Vegas Review-Journal

I worked there from 8/2016 until 1/2018

Universal desk copy editor

• Edited 70 to 85 stories per week with NewsEngin, Microsoft Word. • Prepared 20 to 30 pages for prepress weekly by paginating layouts, writing display copy. • Designed six to eight news pages per week with Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.

Company: Las Vegas Review-Journal

I worked there from 10/2011 until 7/2015

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