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MA Content Creator

About Me

Hi there! I'm Joey. Last year I graduated with a Master's in Creative Writing, and I've worked with a myriad of excellent clients in all kinds of industries. 

I'm a content producer; I produce powerful written content, from articles to press releases and landing pages, and I'm also a photographer and video producer. My extensive and diverse client list has given me a valuable base of experience, as well as an appreciation for how unique every client is.

From huge companies like PriMed, one of Canada's leading medical suppliers, to small businesses and individual professionals, each one of my clients has been left overly satisfied and gladly awards me a five-star rating (but I try not to brag too much).

If you're still reading this, I might as well mention that I'm also an avid fiction writer and filmmaker. My debut novel is being read by top London literary agents, with two recently requesting the full manuscript for consideration. I also write and produce short films and am deeply into photography.

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Press Release: PriMed Medical

Top Canadian medical supplier & manufacturer PriMed recently won a prestigious award. They required a powerful and clear press release with a short turnaround, and were very pleased with this.


(Manufacturing) Lloyds Bank Feature

As part of my work with manufacturing group Made in the Midlands, I produce many articles showcasing various elements within the manufacturing industry. This one in particular focused on Lloyds Bank.


(Health & Fitness) Kettlebell Deadlifts

An article going into depth about the different forms of kettlebell deadlifts, and how best to perform them. Required a lot of research.


Business Bio: Individual

A professional "About Me" I produced for a professional property investment consultant. I captured his travels and experiences around the world, and related it back to his professional services.


Business Bio: About Us

An "About Us" for a property investment company. Powerfully highlights why the reader has come to the right place, whilst being upfront and clear about everything involved.


(Health & Fitness) Running vs. Cycling

An article for a popular cycling blog, discussing running versus cycling (intentionally and playfully biased).


(Manufacturing) Recycling Management Feature

As part of my work with manufacturing group Made in the Midlands, I produce many articles showcasing various elements within the manufacturing industry. This article highlights a company who works towards improving the environmental impact made by manufacturing companies.


(Health & Fitness) Can Women Ride Men's Bikes?

A fun article for a popular cycling blog. Discussing the difference between men's and women's bikes.


(Gaming) Best Free Switch Games

An article exploring the best free downloadable games for the Switch.



Content Creator

The Made In Group are a membership marketing group for the UK's leading manufacturing companies. As their content creator, I am tasked with producing press releases, articles, email campaigns, interviews with top industry figures, editorial pieces, and website content. I work closely with Made In on a regular basis, and through this role I have gained in-depth knowledge and insight into the manufacturing industries. As such, I am a very competent manufacturing content writer.

Company: Made in the Midlands

I worked there from 4/2019 until now

Master's in Creative Writing

My extensive studies of the craft of writing have honed my skills and prepared me for a varied and successful freelance career.

Company: Birmingham City University

I worked there from 1/2017 until 9/2018

Content I Write