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About Me

I'm a professional writer with over 30 years of experience writing for a wide variety of industries. I specialize in DIY decorating and money-saving topics.

I love all animals, particularly dogs and cats, miniatures, collecting unusual pens and travelling.

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Blog Post

ConsumerReports.Org offers a list of seven common household products that can also be used to clean your home. These include ammonia, baking soda, borax, Castile soap, cream of tartar, lemon juice and white vinegar.


Blog Post

I like easy, especially when it comes to cooking. But since saving money is high on everyone's list these days, being able to make meals that are both tasty and inexpensive can sometimes be a challenge. Dollar General wants to help with that. It's teamed up with General Mills to bring you three budget-friendly recipes every month. This month, it's featuring two skillet dinners, Cheeseburger Mexicana and Beef and Salsa Skillet, that only take about 35 minutes each to prepare...


Personal Groom Products You Could Probably Do Without

We all want to look our best, but with so many personal care items on the market, it can be hard to determine what we really need and what we could do without. Naturally, advertisers are out to sell their clients’ wares and they use every trick they know to make us believe we simply can’t live without the latest and greatest or the new and improved. As human beings, we are particularly drawn to what’s new.


Decorate an Interior Door for Fall

All of those plain white doors in my home seem to beg for some kind of decorating help. An interior doors near my front entrance seemed like the perfect canvas for a little inspiration. Here's an idea that's easy to copy and can be done with a minimum of time and effort.


5 Dollar Store Myths Debunked

Over time, there’s been a recurring theme in reader complaints about dollar store merchandise. It’s true that some things sold at dollar stores are cheap and fall apart quickly. But, you can also get great deals on items you would pay double or triple for elsewhere — like kitchen utensils, stationery supplies and craft needs. So why pay more? Here are the five of the most common complaints I’ve heard and why they aren’t true.



Content Developer

Writing content for web pages and blogs for a variety of industries, including printing, optical and computer rentals.

Company: Wolf21

I worked there from /2015 until now

Freelance Content Writer

Writing articles and taking pictures for personal website: www.dollarstorestyle.com.

Company: Dollar Store Style

I worked there from /2006 until now

Blog Writer

Writing about money-saving tips and dollar store finds.

Company: AOL

I worked there from /1990 until /1998

Content I Write