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Creative Writer & Meticulous Editor

About Me

With 13 years of professional writing and editing experience, I know how to make content (and brands!) stand out. 

My work has been featured everywhere from MSN and SEMrush to FOREVER 21 and BUXOM Cosmetics.

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My Writing Samples

The King Henry VIII Guide to Killer Content Marketing

If we must still say “content is king,” why not turn to a real king – King Henry VIII specifically – to teach us all about it?


The Game of Thrones Guide to Ruthless Content Marketing

Ready for the fight of your life? Use this Game of Thrones guide to create ruthless content that resonates with your target audience and keeps them coming back for more year-round.


What Retailers Need to Know About the Journey of Today’s Shoppers

Shoppers are no longer on a linear journey. Today, the path to purchase moves from touch point to touch point — and back again — at a dizzying speed that wasn’t even fathomable a couple of decades ago. And while this might seem like the old playground taunt of you can’t catch me, it’s actually the opposite.


Ultimate Feedback Guide: How to Tell Your Freelancer Exactly What You Want

There’s nothing worse than feedback that creates more confusion than clarity. You’re frustrated, your freelancer is frustrated, and every miscommunication only pushes your timeline back further.


The Best and Worst Super Bowl Halftime Shows of All Time

The unforgettable and the ones we wish we could forget


Why Girls Need More Mentors in STEM

Taking the "men" out of mentorship.


Hottest Swimsuit Trends for Summer

Keep reading to see this summer’s most sizzling swimwear trends and to get some tips on how to rock these looks in and out of the water.


How to Wear Prints and Patterns this Spring

Get ready to refresh your wardrobe with the most popular statement patterns and prints you’ll be seeing everywhere this spring from fun shorts to gorgeous maxis and kimonos!


8 Smart Podcasts That Will Break Up Your Winter Of Binge-Watching

Here are eight of the best podcasts out there that will make you laugh, teach you something awesome or inspire and motivate you:


Killer Commutes: Concerning Statistics on the Upsurge of Super Commuters

With roughly 2 million super commuters in the United States, it’s clear that killer commutes have become a serious, time-sucking problem.


Killer Commutes: Why Travel Times Will Only Get Worse for Super Commuters

“Longer commutes are linked with increased rates of obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, back and neck pain, divorce, depression and death,” reports The Washington Post.


13 Eerily Effective Halloween Marketing Tips for Online Sellers

Lock the doors and draw the shades because 13 eerily effective Halloween marketing tips for online sellers are coming for you right now.


Fall Is Coming: A Seasonal Marketing Strategy for Small Business Owners

From local festivals to online-shopping events dedicated to supporting small-business owners, now is your time to shine. (And rake in the revenue like fall leaves.)


Why You Gotta Be So Rude? How to Handle Negative Social Media Feedback

Negative feedback affects us all, no matter what profession we're in.


How to Write Knockout Headlines Every Time

Here are five great tips on how you can start writing powerful headlines -- plus a fun headline-analyzing tool you can use to gauge emotional impact.


Summer Slump? 3 Sizzling Ways to Kick Your Sales Up a Notch

It’s too hot to go outside in many parts of the country right now – so why fight it? Take advantage of the indoor sabbatical we call summer by devoting your time and energy to promoting your products instead. Grab your computer and an ice-cold drink, and let’s get started!


A Definitive Guide to Writing Damn-Good Product Descriptions

The fine art of seducing your buyers is done not only through the images you use, but through your words.


4 Reasons The Lumbersexual Look Is Here To Stay

What do you call a guy with a beard, man-bun, flannel shirt, boots and an ax? A lumbersexual, of course!



Writer & Editor

• Freelance writer: Hearst, MSN, FOREVER 21, Redbook, Clearvoice, BUXOM Cosmetics, Fiverr, Cox, Borshoff, Upflex, Homie, BX3 Interactive, Revenue Spark Digital, blu, and Continuum Health. • Copy editing: MSN, 8x8, and Traffic Cloud Technologies.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 8/2018 until now

Senior Content Marketing Manager

• Wrote, proofread, and edited all content-marketing pieces, including web content and marketing materials for retail e-commerce site. • Created content-centric campaigns and managed both company blogs (B2B and B2C). • Led team of eight freelance writers and provided editorial direction on blog-post topics tailored to e-commerce business owners. • Created in-house style guides, content briefs, and content-marketing strategies. • Managed editorial calendars for B2B and B2C blogs. • Spearhea

Company: Scott's Marketplace

I worked there from 8/2012 until 8/2018

Entertainment Copy Editor

• Copy edited time-sensitive entertainment articles for SheKnows.com that adhered to strict AP Stylebook and in-house guidelines. • Tested/fixed links and fact-checked to ensure articles were free of grammatical errors and style issues. • Used CMS for article editing, revising, and publishing

Company: SHEKnows (SHEMedia)

I worked there from 10/2011 until 8/2012

Senior Copywriter & Editor

• Created and managed B2B company blog. • Wrote web content for clients in a variety of industries. • Acted as web content strategist for clients. • Managed company social-media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Pinterest as well as accounts for various clients. • Created a bi-weekly newsletter and wrote in-house marketing materials.

Company: BX3 Interactive

I worked there from 7/2010 until 7/2012

Content I Write