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About Me

ARW Services was founded by Andrew Robinson in 2018. A proud married father of four, Andrew is a native of England and, for the last decade, resident in Southern Illinois.

After 20 years in retail management, peaking as the Director of Operations and Operations Technology Manager in a Fortune 500 corporation, Andrew dropped out of the rat race to pursue his greatest passion; writing. Through an obsession with all things science fiction, he developed his writing skills over the course of more than 20 years writing fan fiction, role-playing, and creating technical specifications. He further refined those skills composing training courses, public speeches, professional memorandums, business plans, and marketing schemes for various corporate projects.

After completing his schooling at the prestigious Thomas Telford School, in Shropshire, England, Andrew first attended University in the United Kingdom, studying for a Bachelors Degree in Computing and Information Technology. After emigrating to the United States in 2010, Andrew attended John A. Logan College, graduating with honours in Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork. In order to enhance the services offered by ARW Services, Andrew is currently pursuing a Masters Degree track education in Communications with a focus on Professional Writing at Southern New Hampshire University.

Andrew is a contributing author to TheMighty.com, manages his own blog, and is the Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager for Star-Fleet.com.

ARW Services is always available for new clients and offers competitive rates in all fields.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Take That Crutch And Shove It: Autism and Intolerance

An examination of the development, growth, and perpetuation of intolerance and judgment within the autistic community


Navigating Autistic Relationship as an Adult

The pitfalls and realities of dating as an adult with autism.


10 Myths About Immigration

10 common myths about the US immigration system and the immigrants who make use of it.


With Liberty and Justice For All

An in-depth analysis of the dangerously unstable US immigration court system and the misinformation that perpetuates its inhumane weaknesses.


Breaking Type: The Reality of High Functioning Autism

A brief opinion piece concerning the issues unique to those with high functioning autism and medias role in developing cultural bias.



Director Of Operations and Operations Technology Manager

Operational responsibility for a $20,000,000, eight restaurant McDonald’s franchise. Responsible for the development and implementation of marketing and promotional strategies, training programs, and materials, liaising with MCDCorp officers and vendors, crafting business plans, writing and delivering speeches at corporate and national events, developing bookkeeping software and collaborative systems to maximize the efficiency of operations, crafting insurance claims

Company: McDonald's Corporation

I worked there from 8/1998 until 10/2016

General Manager

Daily operational control of a multi-department, national chain grocery store. Development of local marketing programs and coordination with city government on community engagement programs, marketing and branding materials to develop a unique profile within the community, writing grant proposals to the city government, developing coordinated and effective strategies with corporate liaisons and district personnel, completing and updating vendor applications, writing copy for radio marketing.

Company: Save A Lot Food Stores

I worked there from 10/2016 until 7/2018


Operating a freelance writing company offering copy and content editing, blog content, ghostwriting, resume writing, transcription services, grant proposals, college applications, freelance journalism, website content, marketing materials and other miscellaneous writing, marketing and branding services.

Company: ARW Services

I worked there from 10/2018 until now

Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing and social media management for the largest and oldest fanbased Star Trek roleplaying site in the world. Daily operational management of social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), building influence through the acquisition of followers and market share, building relationships with official Star Trek personalities and resources to enhance site content. Using the principles of SEO to optimize search results across multiple search platforms, marketing materials.

Company: Star-Fleet.com

I worked there from 4/2019 until now

Contributing Author

Contributing author to The Mighty, the worlds largest health magazine blog. Specializing in autism, depression, anxiety, chronic disease, chronic pain, migraines, crohn's disease, diabetes and GERD

Company: TheMighty.com

I worked there from 3/2019 until now

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