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About Me

I am a native English speaking writer who writes about topics such as Positive Thinking, Anxiety and Depression, Life-lessons and Writing.
I have written over one hundred articles and rising on Medium.com. I have also ghostwritten articles for private clients on a variety of subjects including Pet Training, Pet Health and Pet Care plus Vaping Products and Review Articles.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Find writers and ideas in this industry


Find writers and ideas in this industry

My Writing Samples

Why Thinking Happy Thoughts Will Not Get You to Your Goals

A piece on why thinking happy thoughts will not be enough to get you to your goals.


A Better Way of Using Positive Affirmations

A piece on the right way to use positive affirmations.


Five Traits Successful People Have

A piece on how successful people have certain personality traits that have helped them succeed.


Four Reasons Social Media is Making You Unhappy!

Reasons why social media is making people unhappy with themselves.


How I Switched From Cigarettes to Vaping

A piece I wrote about my experience switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping.


When You First Start Writing on Medium

A piece I wrote about starting your journey writing for Medium.com.




I have been writing content online for 8 years. I have owned my own websites in the past and written SEO content for them. I have also completed ghostwritten work from job boards.

Company: Stephen Hartrick

I worked there from / until now

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