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When it comes
to Article writing , I am an expert. My voice is clear, succinct, and memorable. I have been writing Articles and other content for 10 years for numerous publications both in print and online, and I take pride in effective communication. My work with jennifer grimes helped expand their online audience and brand presence. I hope this outline shows you my vision and commitment to effective copy.
Workaccess is in need of content creation for their blog on social media. Posts will consist of well-researched information on topics important to this field, such as new forms of social media. Google plus is a go-to source of news and information on social media not only for the industry, but also for users. They have achieved this through quality content and presentation, and I strive to be an asset to the team.
I have been writing articles about home, hobbies, economy, laws, miscellaneous and many other fields for15 years.I have a strong sense of SEO and how to structure blog posts so they receive the utmost attention in online searches.

I will write 2 blog posts five days a week, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each will be between 400 and 500 words, and include relevant SEO tags and suggested art and where to source it. The content will focus on social media and what is most relevant to the industry on a daily basis. Aggregation will be part of the process, but original content will also be needed. To that end, forming relationships with key players in the industry is a must.
Blog posts will use language appropriate to the audience while being free of typos and others mistakes, and be properly attributed when necessary. All blogs must be pre-approved by an in-house editor before work can begin.

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I have beeen a professional freelancer for 15years now and have worked for huge freelance companies such as international textbroker and upwork.

Company: international textbroker,upwork

I worked there from 3/2011 until now

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